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Value Added Solution - GoldStar GPS

GPS Vehicle Tracking
Value Added Solutions

Value Added Solutions

Powerful value added GPS tracking solutions.

The GoldStar GPS tracking system offers other value-added solutions for Buy Here, Pay Here, Franchise and larger, enterprise sized dealerships.

GPS Vehicle Tracking for Auction Houses

GoldStar GPS is a supplier to some of the largest automotive auction houses who offer reconditioning, logistical and other vehicle-related services to meet the remarketing needs of both institutional and dealer customer base.

Predictive Telematics for Proactive Lenders

Spireon has developed a powerful telematics solution for lenders, as well. Our LoanPlus Collateral Management System connects lenders to a wealth of predictive analytics that go beyond vehicle tracking and GPS locates — for faster, smarter, more profitable loan decisions.

Automated Asset Tracking

GoldStar CMS is more than a simple GPS locator. It also automates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes like verifications as well as VIN scanning, decoding and entry — with the single click of a mouse.

GPS Tracking Device e-Transfer

Take the hassle and time out of transferring your GPS vehicle tracking devices. GoldStar CMS is available with Device e-Transfer that eliminates the stacks of paperwork and multiple phones calls when transferring GPS devices. With Device e-Transfer, transferring GPS tracking devices is completed in a matter of clicks and under 30 minutes.

GPS Vehicle Tracking on the Go

GoldStar CMS provides mobile views of your vehicle locations. Locate vehicles anywhere, anytime using your smartphone or tablet.