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Out with the old, in with the new CDMA Talon!

AT&T’s aggressive sunset is underway – that means the clock is ticking for your 2G GSM devices. So, if you have old GPS devices hanging around and gathering dust, feel free to send them our way. Clear out your inventory and connect to Spireon’s 11th generation CDMA Talon.

  • EXTENDED coverage
  • FASTER vehicle locates
  • RELIABLE connections
  • HIGHER data security
  • UNRIVALED performance

Why should you only trust your GPS tracking solution to a proven industry leader? We have 1.7 million reasons and counting – our subscribers! Now, here’s one more…

Send us your old GPS tracking devices, and we’ll send you the new CDMA Talon!

Call now for OFFER details: 1-866-655-8825