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GPS Tracking Systems for Theft Recovery

Theft Recovery

The GoldStar GPS vehicle recovery system has been proven to reduce the costs and time associated with repossessions. But GoldStar GPS also provides an attractive benefit for your customers: faster recovery of stolen vehicles.

Your credit-challenged customers, who may live and work in areas with high incidences of vehicle theft, will appreciate knowing that GoldStar GPS can quickly pinpoint the exact location of a stolen vehicle for faster recovery — before any vehicle damage is done. GoldStar GPS also comes with a remote starter enable/disable feature that allows the stolen vehicle to be disabled once it’s stopped, making it easier and faster to recover.

As an added benefit, having GoldStar GPS installed in their vehicles can also mean lower insurance premiums for your customers.

Our GoldStar GPS account team is ready to help you get a competitive edge with GoldStar GPS.