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Telematics Data Center

Telematics Data Center - GoldStar GPS

infrastructure based on a
(SaaS) model

Telematics Data Center

At Spireon, we’ve invested significant resources into building a robust infrastructure based on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model to support our information platforms. The virtual environment pools and unifies disparate physical systems — databases, servers and hardware — while providing customers web-based access to these resources and their data without having to invest in costly, complicated technology. By creating a scalable infrastructure, we’re able to dynamically allocate computing resources where they’re needed to meet demand. We’re also able to quickly expand our infrastructure — adding more components — to accommodate a sudden spike in demand without impacting our solution’s performance or your access to critical business data.

Spireon’s cloud-based infrastructure is elastically engineered to allow us to add databases and computing systems on the fly, as demand and traffic increases. This prevents our systems from being oversubscribed or overburdened as our customer base continues to grow. Currently, our infrastructure supports 1.5 million active devices and processes 8 million data points every day which equals is over 2.0 billion data events per year — without a hitch.

Our infrastructure’s redundancy keeps our physical systems online, stable and available, so that our customers can continue to access their data, devices and services every minute of every day. This redundancy also allows information to be pushed from one device (machine) to another device (machine) more quickly, and accelerates data crunching for faster reporting.

Adding to our infrastructure’s reliable performance and connectivity, Spireon’s patented GPS devices are FCC compliant. What’s more, they’ve been rigorously tested and certified by carriers before being added to our network. This testing and compliance translates into reliable connectivity to your devices, and to your data.

At Spireon, we’re making the ongoing investment to build a highly available, scalable, secure and robust M2M environment that encompasses leading-edge technologies and best practices to meet our customers’ needs.