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Reduce Delinquencies using GoldStar GPS

Reduce delinquencies with payment reminders . . .

You’ve been there before: spending countless hours tracking down delinquent customers and vehicles. That time could be better spent growing your sales and your business.

More than a vehicle tracking system, GoldStar GPS is an effective tool for avoiding delinquencies repossessions altogether. GoldStar GPS comes with automated payment reminders that discretely alert your customers when a payment is overdue. No tracking down and no phone calling required on your part.

Spireon's customers using GoldStar GPS have found this simple payment reminder feature extraordinarily effective in reducing delinquencies. One customer reports that thanks to features like the payment reminder, his company has been able to reduce repossession by 20% in one year alone.

If you’d like to see GoldStar GPS’s payment reminder feature in action, contact us today for a free demo.