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GPS Vehicle Tracking Made Simple

GoldStar CMS delivers simple-to-use web-based fleet tracking tools that automate a range of manual tasks, saving you time and money. These innovative tools are made available to you over the cloud, with no complex hardware or software to install, manage or learn how to use.

Simply Brilliant

More than a GPS tracker for cars, GoldStar CMS simplifies and automates a host of processes including verification, VIN scanning and entry, location reporting, GeoFences, GPS device health monitoring, and GPS device transfers. All your critical vehicle information is just a click away. Which means you’ll spend less time on your computer, and more time on the floor selling vehicles.

Award-winning Telematics Platform

The new GoldStar CMS is built on patented, proven technology and our award-winning NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform. Our highly scalable and secure cloud-based environment, NSpire delivers the ultra-reliable performance required to keep you connected to your vehicle data at all times. NSpire supports over 1.9 million GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles today, with the highest level of service availability. In fact, NSpire is what enables us to offer the industry’s first 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring 99.9% application uptime for our GoldStar CMS users.

This industry-leading performance has garnered GoldStar CMS and our NSpire platform awards from the automotive industry’s most respected organizations. CIO Review ranked NSpire among the Top 20 Most Promising Automotive Tech Solutions for 2014. Our automotive finance platform was also recognized as Best in Class by industry peers at the 2014 CES Show. In 2013, Nspire was named the “Best M2M Business Intelligence Platform” at the M2M Evolution conference. This honor was repeated in 2014, when NSipre and GoldStar CMS developer Spireon were awarded the M2M Evolution Asset Tracking Award.

Expand Your Fleet Tracking With CDMA

GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system comes with the latest CDMA wireless technology that delivers expanded nationwide coverage, more reliable connections even in rural areas, and faster network access. Supported by Sprint and Verizon networks, GoldStar CMS with CDMA is ready for tomorrow’s wireless technologies as well, making it a future-ready investment and a simple solution to the 2G GSM sunset.

Industry-Leading Talon Tracking Device

GoldStar CMS comes with the industry’s highest performing Talon GPS tracking device featuring a number of industry-first innovations including:

  • Sleek form that looks like OEM design for covert installation
  • Ruggedized design that resists extreme temperature and moisture
  • Resettable internal fuse for automatic fault recovery
  • Meets and exceeds all carrier, PTCRB and TRP/TIS certification for receiving and transmitting cellular data
  • Standard 3-year warranty
What people say...

Real Time Visibility, Any Time, Any Place

FleetLocate gives us a finger on the pulse of what’s going on within the company. From delivering a piece of equipment or even as simple as delivering a rental, it gives us the ability to be able to see the location of our drivers, if they break down, if speed alters, if they are travelling too fast, or whether they’re idle.

Bobcat of New Hampshire
Mark Blanchard, Vice President

Powerful Service, Powerful Results

We saw more customer service with FleetLocate in 6 months than we did with our current vendor in 6 years! At Covenant we focus on 3 main objectives: Driver Satisfaction, Fleet Safety and Customer Service. And FleetLocate supports all of those objectives with their real-time visibility, Rich Data, alerts, training and their powerful ROI support.

Scott Flerl, Director of Asset Management
Covenant Transport

Tracking Our Fleet & Assets While Driving ROI

From identifying revenue per trailer to eliminating theft, FleetLocate's Rich Data gives us the real-time visibility we need to drive more ROI and protect our assets.

Brian Gannon, Project Manager
Tutle & Tutle Trucking
Denver, CO

Took 15 Minutes to Set Up

We felt FleetLocate had a better solution to help us track our trucks using live data streams than some of the other fleet management systems out there. It also provides us with real time information to track if the truck is going over certain miles per hour or outside of a certain zone. This helped us not only reduce fuel costs, but also reduce our insurance premiums.

Greg Barnhart, Director of Operations
Toasty Cheese

Helping us win for over 5 years - Preferred Funding

“GoldStar GPS has been helping us win for over 5 years. In my business, people make the difference and Paul and the GoldStar GPS team are always there when I need them.”

Jim Willis, President
Preferred Funding
Middletown, DE