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How does the GoldStar GPS telematics technology works?

Simple to use, cost-effective and highly scalable, GoldStar GPS combines proven GPS technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools that capture real-time data at the vehicle level, then serve it up as actionable business intelligence over the cloud and onto your desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone or other mobile device.

How GPS Works - GoldStar GPS


Connect to the Power of CDMA

The newest generation of GoldStar GPS vehicle tracking system now comes with the latest CDMA wireless technology. Powered by CDMA, GoldStar GPS takes your collateral management to the next level with:

  • Expanded nationwide coverage
  • Reliable connections even in rural areas
  • Faster network access

While delivering these competitive advantages today, GoldStar GPS prepares you for tomorrow. A smart investment for the future, GoldStar GPS with CDMA is a reliable technology for today and tomorrow, securing your investment today with performance you can count on well beyond the 2G GSM sunset date.

Real time GPS positioning

Developed by the U.S. Department of Defense, GPS (Global Positioning System) is a space-based satellite navigation system used to pinpoint the location of landmarks and vehicles, anywhere in the world. GPS satellites orbiting Earth broadcast location information to GPS devices installed, for example, in vehicles. These devices then use this information to determine their location. Special software translates this information into a format users can understand, such as maps, which track a vehicle’s movement and location.

GoldStar GPS employs licensed, certified and proven GPS technology to help dealers optimize the way they manage collateral and reduce risk. Telematics devices installed in your vehicles on the lot capture the GPS coordinates of that vehicle, then transmit those coordinates over a cellular network to you — allowing you to track the vehicle’s movement and location in real time.

Web-based access to your telematics data

Built using SaaS tools, GoldStar GPS delivers the data captured by the telematics devices installed in your vehicle over the cloud, then serves them up via intuitive web-based dashboards, interfaces and reports viewable anywhere, anytime on your desktop, laptop and even your mobile phone.

Using these web-based tools, you’ll be able to track the location and movement of vehicles in real time, see maps and street views of vehicle locations, receive alerts when a vehicle enters or leave a specific geographic boundary, receive an alert when a vehicle is stopped for an extended period of time, view vehicle histories, and remotely disable a motionless vehicle when needed. The system will also send automated payment reminders to your customers to help them stay on top of their payments.

Simply powerful real time tracking

Because GoldStar GPS uses a cloud-based model to deliver business intelligence via web-based tools, you won’t need to invest the time, resources or money in complex or expensive GPS tracking hardware or software. GoldStar GPS is simple and cost-effective. What’s more, all firmware upgrades are automatically sent over the cloud so you know your solution remains continually current with the latest features and functionality.

What people say...

Helping us win for over 5 years - Preferred Funding

“GoldStar GPS has been helping us win for over 5 years. In my business, people make the difference and Paul and the GoldStar GPS team are always there when I need them.”

Jim Willis, President
Preferred Funding
Middletown, DE

Nationwide Protection - G&G Cars and Trucks, llc

“We have been using and relying on GoldStar GPS for over two years to protect our assets and reduce our recovery costs. The system features and reliability have enabled us to track down and recover vehicles not just in Texas but all over the United States.”

Marco Garza, Owner
G&G Cars and Trucks, llc
Houston, TX

GPS Tracking to assist in managing customer payments - Fairway Motors

“Given the economic change in recent years, it became obvious that our business model needed to change and GoldStar GPS has become the base of that model. Offering customizable solutions and reliable asset protection, we’ve saved countless of dollars in repossession costs and collection fees. Over time, GoldStar GPS has continued to provide us with the tools we need to keep our BHPH business profitable.”

Bill Stanton, Manager
Fairway Motors
Tucker, GA

GoldStar GPS far exceeds our expectations - Auto City

"Operating Charlotte’s largest independent BHPH dealership, we realize the importance of being able to locate our assets in a timely manner. The ease of operation and great customer service we find with GoldStar GPS makes them second to none. With a user friendly website and simple installation we have the asset protection we need solely with GoldStar GPS."

J.R. Hicks, General Manager
Auto City
Charlotte, NC

GoldStar GPS is one major tool we need - Mark's Auto Sales

“We’ve been in the Buy Here-Pay Here business for over 30 years, and it is changing faster than ever before. The number of skips and collection costs are increasing and if you don’t have full protection of your assets, your dealership will soon be left behind. In my experience the GoldStar GPS is the most reliable device on the market to protect your assets and collect money.”

Mark Striegnitz, President
Mark's Auto Sales
Lakewood, CO