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GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems for National Dealerships

National Dealerships - GoldStar GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking

for National Dealerships

GPS Tracking Systems for National Dealerships

Grow Your Profits With Flexible Fleet Tracking

Say yes to more customers who come into your dealerships – including those with credit challenges. GoldStar CMS offers a flexible, scalable and simple telematics system that allows you to lower the risk that comes with special financing while increasing your sales and profits.

Patented, Proven GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology

GoldStar CMS is developed by Spireon, the leader in vehicle tracking systems for the automotive finance industry. Spireon’s award-winning NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform currently supports over 1.9 million GPS tracking devices installed in vehicles today, with the highest level of service availability and security.

This award-winning NSpire platform powers the GoldStar CSM asset tracking system, and allows us to offer the industry’s first 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring access to your vehicle data with 99.9% availability.

A GPS Locator Like No Other

GoldStar CMS offers the industry’s only patented Location Genie feature. The Location Genie GPS locator for cars collects and analyzes vehicle location data, then analyzes this data to predict the most probable location for any given car, at any given time.

You’ll no longer need to pay a recovery agent to scour neighborhoods for vehicles that may not be there. Instead, you’ll be able to conveniently schedule pick-ups and recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively while protecting the privacy of your customer. What’s more, if a customer changes jobs or addresses, Location Genie lets you know by keep tracking of new location data and trends.

Get Your Vehicles Back With GeoFences

GoldStar CMS comes with a powerful GeoFences feature that allows you to set up specific geographic boundaries (GeoFences) , then alert a recovery agent when a vehicle enters or leaves the GeoFence. Use the GeoFences feature to set up boundaries around impound and tow lots, allowing you to see when vehicles have been impounded so you can recover them with increased speed and lower fees.

Group Commands

With GoldStar CMS fleet tracking system, you have the ability to send batch commands on multiple vehicles at the same time, rather than running single commands over and over again. This convenient feature saves significant time and redundancy — allowing you to get out of the office and back onto the floor serving customers.

Find out how Spireon's GoldStar GPS Platform can help you dealerships, request more information.

GPS Vehicle Tracking Brochure by GoldStar GPSGoldStar GPS by Spireon offers an easy-to-use, affordable and powerful solution to sell more vehicles to more customers while controlling your costs, reducing risk and protecting your assets.

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