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GPS Vehicle Tracking Software for Vehicle Finance

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GPS tracking software

GPS Vehicle Tracking Software

GPS Tracking Software Made Simple

GoldStar CMS connects you to powerful GPS tracking software without having to install or manage complex technology. This simplicity is powered by our award-winning NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform. Highly scalable and secure, NSpire is a cloud-based environment comprised of leading data centers, databases, servers and networks, with our powerful GPS tracking software underlying it all. NSpire supports over 1.9 million active GPS tracking devices with the highest level of service availability and performance.

Our NSpire telematics platform allows us to connect you over-the-cloud to the powerful web-based GPS vehicle tracking tools of GoldStar CMS. NSpire also allows us to back our GoldStar CMS solution with the industry’s first 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring that you’ll have access to powerful GPS tracking software with 99.9% availability.

One-Click Vehicle Locates

GoldStar CMS connects you to powerful GPS tracking software through a beautifully simple web-based user interface. Easy to use and understand, this interface puts all your critical vehicle information just a click a away. The intuitive Dashboard gives you single-screen views of vehicle locations, GPS tracking device status, and more so you can take quick action to protect your assets. Automated efficiencies mean you’ll spend less time on error-prone manual tasks and more time selling vehicles.

Your Online Resources

Support is also just a click away, with our new online Help Desk and our online Knowledge Center. The online Help Desk is available 24/7 to assist you with any product requests or questions as well as troubleshooting issues. Check out online Knowledge Center often for the latest articles, blogs and white papers designed to help you get the most from your GPS vehicle tracking system.

Don’t Just Track – Predict

GoldStar CMS captures, mines and analyzes vehicle location trends over time then serves up this information in easy-to-understand reports. Armed with these reports, you’ll not only be able to track the current location of your vehicles with greater speed and accuracy. You’ll also be able to predict vehicle locations. So instead of sending recovery agents to scour neighborhoods where vehicles might not be, you can direct them to the most probable locations based on real, hard data — instead of guesswork or unreliable information.

Time-Saving Fleet Tracking Features

GoldStar CMS allows you to send batch commands on multiple vehicles simultaneously, instead of spending the time to run single commands over and over again. Use the group command feature to send locates to all of your late-paying vehicles, add a GeoZone to your entire fleet, add tow alerts to newly sold cars, or run history reports for vehicles financed through a specific finance company — all with one click.