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GPS Vehicle Tracking Service for Automotive Finance

GPS Vehicle Tracking Service - GoldStar GPS

GoldStar GPS Tracking
solution keeps you

GPS Vehicle Tracking Service

Top tier data centers. Top tier service.

Spireon's cloud environment includes multiple top-tier data centers strategically located nationwide. These carrier-grade data centers enforce stringent security controls to protect and secure customer data. Our data centers:

  • Are manned 24/7/365 to continually monitor the health, status and performance of our network
  • Operate independently from state-provided power sources ensuring continual operation during power outages
  • Employ armed guards, high walls, electronically controlled gates and other security features
  • Encrypt any data transmitted to and from the data center

Keeping you connected with your assets is the very core of GoldStar GPS' tracking solution. That's why we partner with virtually all the major wireless carriers. With over 1.5 million active connections today, we're able to shop around and give you:

  • Ways to save money
  • CDMA options to extend coverage in areas
  • Or simply keep you connected with your preferred wireless provider

Depending on your needs, location and preference, our team will bundle the service that is right for you.