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Your Simple Solution to the 2G GSM Sunset

Many dealerships and lenders have concerns about the 2G GSM sunset and what it means for their GPS vehicle tracking investments. The Automotive Solutions Group at Spireon is way ahead of the curve with the launch of our CDMA-enabled GoldStar CMS telematics system.

The fact is, you will have to prepare for the 2G sunset by moving the next-generation technology — sooner rather than later. That’s why we’re connecting our customers to CDMA technology now. CMDA is the latest standard in wireless technology. What does this mean for you? It means a range of improvements that will help you reduce your risk, improve profits even more, and prepare you for the 2G sunset.

Let’s start with the competitive advantages our CDMA technology brings to you today. GoldStar CMS with CDMA come with the wider national coverage and more reliable connections even in rural areas. Which means you’ll stay connected to your vehicles wherever they may roam. Our CMDA technology also delivers faster network access. While delivering those advantages today, CDMA is ready for tomorrow. A future-proof solution, CDMA embraces emerging technologies. So the investment you make in GoldStar CMS with CDMA now will continue to deliver returns well into the future.

When it comes time to evaluate GPS tracking devices and telematics systems in preparation for the 2G sunset, make sure the system you choose delivers wide coverage, reliable connections, fast network access, and product longevity. Choose GoldStar CMS.