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New GoldStar CMS Vehicle Tracking System.

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Your Search Is Over. And Your Life Is About To Get Much Easier.

Introducing the New GoldStar CMS Vehicle Tracking System.

It’s been a long time coming. Over the past year, the Spireon engineering team has been hard at work on our new GoldStar CMS telematics system. Although you couldn’t see the innovation with your own eyes, our product and engineering teams have been working behind the scenes to create the next generation of our system. And let me tell you: it’s innovation like no other in the market.

How do I know? Because Spireon’s NSpire platform already supports 1.9 million active subscribers plus, it collects over 5 billion data points a year. It’s also backed by the industry’s first 99.9% performance guarantee. No other service provider can match this.

And the best part? Spireon was only able to change the game because of you. We asked our dealership and automotive finance customers what they wanted to see in a GPS tracker for cars. We heard you, and we’ve responded.

Now’s the time to show you the difference because although you have experienced the best in class reliability and reach of our GPS tracking solution, you may have not seen how the investment made in the back-end is really going to change how you do business.

You wanted simplicity. GoldStar CMS delivers, with a beautifully intuitive new interface and Dashboard that lets you locate any vehicle with a single click. You wanted to spend less time on your vehicle tracking system, and more time selling cars. GoldStar CMS delivers on that too, with group commands, automated VIN scanning and decoding, automated STIP verification, mobile views, and a host of other time-saving features that increase your efficiencies. And get you back on the floor, serving customers.

You wanted to be able to recover vehicles more quickly and cost-effectively. GoldStar CMS delivers on that with an industry-unique feature that lets you predict the most likely location of your vehicles at any given time, on any given day. And because GoldStar CMS runs on CDMA wireless technology, it still offers the widest national coverage, more reliable connections even in rural areas, faster network access, and a future-proof investment that’s ready to embrace emerging technologies. And that means you’ll be ready for the 2G GSM sunset.

GoldStar CMS is everything you’re looking for in a GPS vehicle tracking system. But it’s more than a basic GPS locator. It’s also a strategic tool that helps you work smarter – not harder. And it’s available in flexible packages designed to fit your environment, your needs, and your budget. Need more functionality as your business grows? GoldStar CMS scales with your evolving needs.

In the coming weeks, I’ll introduce you to the myriad features and functionality that make GoldStar CMS unlike any other asset tracking system out there. I’ll start with our patented Reference Genie that allows you to verify STIPs without making a single phone call.

Stay tuned and check back next week for more. In the meantime, visit our new GoldStar CMS website.


David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions
Spireon, Inc.


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