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Where GPS Tracking Devices Go, Security Must Follow

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Where GPS Tracking Devices Go, Security Must Follow

Auto sales climbing. Subprime auto loans going deeper. More customers enjoying quality transportation. All thanks to you. And if you’re among the growing number of dealerships now utilizing GPS tracking devices to significantly reduce your risk, there’s something else that’s getting bigger: security-related incidents that put yours’ and your customers’ sensitive data and privacy at risk.

Security is not a nice-to-have. It’s becoming the rule of the land.
It’s not only us at Spireon who are paying extra close attention and doing something about it by building security into our products. It’s also the government and consumer-protection agencies putting regulations and recommendations into place – compliance rules for businesses when it comes to protecting their customers’ privacy and security. Among their recommendations are building security into GPS tracking devices and software from the get-go, implementing a multi-layered set of security controls, preventing devices and data from falling into the wrong hands, and closely monitoring devices at all times.

How security is always at work in your GoldStar CMS GPS tracking device and system.
GoldStar CMS operates on a platform of security to protect your data. And not just any platform – it’s the award winning and Spireon-developed NSpire platform. Its ultra-secure cloud-based environment incorporates a multi-layered security approach just like the ones the FTC is currently recommending for consumer-facing businesses. Our network is comprised of multiple Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers strategically located nationwide, each one adhering to stringent security controls and protocols.

The NSpire data centers that transmit the data – to over two million active Spireon subscribers – enforce state-of-the-art security measures that protect consumer data travelling across networks and with mobile devices. Investments in encryption, firewalls, and sophisticated access protection methods filter out any harmful events, always protecting your customers’ data against any data breaches or security failures. And with our 24/7/365 monitoring and management of our security technologies, Spireon is simplifying your security management.

Keeping you in compliance is our priority.
Wherever sensitive business or customer information is stored, accessed, or distributed, security regulations understandably emerge. And compliance with the ever-growing complex regulatory requirements over GPS-type technology is no easy task.

That’s why here at Spireon, we’ve made consumer protection and privacy for our customers a high-level priority – only matched by our corporate emphasis on preventing data security breaches for our customers discussed above. We’re continually a key player in educating the automotive finance industry about best practices in consumer privacy and compliance through our knowledgebase of white papers, speaking engagements, articles, blogs and more. We’re also active members of NABD, Leedom, NIADA, PATA and other leading industry organizations – working with them to equip automotive lenders and dealers like you with the security best practices that will keep you in compliance with the regulatory requirements of the industry.

In addition, we’ve partnered with leading law firm Hudson Cook to develop policies, procedures, and disclosure forms lenders and dealers can use to help protect their own organizations. Currently, we’re in the process of completing SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act) compliance to ensure our solutions support full disclosure.

As you can see here, any company in the technology business must also be in the data security business to be able to fully serve their customers. When you choose the GoldStar CMS GPS tracking devices and system for your business, you can be assured your GoldStar CMS devices and software become an infrastructure of security when it comes to collecting, storing, and transmitting business and customer data.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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