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Spireon is the only auto finance telematics provider that offers complete CMDA coverage.

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When 2G GSM Sunsets, Will Your Telematics Provider Have Your Back?

When it comes to investing in a telematics solution— which depends on network availability and high data speeds— it’s important that you choose the right provider that’s dedicated to innovation. You want a company that has partners that—just like them— are forward thinking, and solve issues with minimal impact to customers.

That is exactly what you can count on when you choose telematics solutions from Spireon. Working with Verizon, Spireon offers the most extensive CDMA coverage in the country. Spireon is one of the largest providers of automotive aftermarket embedded telematics. With its award-winning solutions and strong reputation, you know you can count on Spireon’s telematics products to stay ahead of the pack, even as data loads get heavier and demands get higher.
Now, you can also rest assured that Spireon is partnering with companies that have that same commitment to customer service and connectivity. Spireon and leading wireless carrier Verizon have an expanded agreement that allows Spireon to be the only auto finance telematics provider that offers complete CMDA coverage.

When you use the company’s mobile tracking platforms and telematics solutions, you also get the reliability and high data speeds CDMA has to offer, which means you’ll never be left waiting for critical business data from the field, even in remote areas or during times of heavy traffic.

Spireon continues to lead the way with Goldstar GPS and LoanPlus CMS, bringing  customers excellent nationwide coverage, as well as faster tracking and quick access to critical business data. Coupled with Spireon’s 99.9% performance guarantee, customers now get performance they can count on 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days. With this, you know Spireon will have your back, even as 2G GSM sunsets.

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