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What it takes to be # 1

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What it takes to be # 1

Dave Meyer-Vice President, Automotive GPS Solutions

It’s no secret; there are a plethora of businesses that claim to be #1, the best, top notch. We at Spireon not only say it, but also have what it takes to prove it. With the expansion of our Automotive Solutions line and our partnership with Joe Gibbs and Bertram Capitol, we are in fact the #1 supplier of GPS vehicle tracking in this industry.

Spireon provides automotive GPS solutions through SaaS-based information platforms designed for dealers in the Subprime Automobile Finance and Buy Here Pay Here (BH/PH) markets. We’ve taken every initiative to “Set the Gold Standard” regarding GPS vehicle tracking. Meaning we’ve created a comprehensive solution that was designed specifically for the buy-here, pay-here industry and we continue to make our product line the best.  Right at this moment a new Tenth Generation device is being created to keep our company ahead of the game, and the competition.

By offering dealers and finance companies alike the opportunity to finance a broader range of credit scores while limiting their risk, our offer is exactly what BHPH market needs and wants.

GoldStar GPS allows dealers to be comfortable selling a higher ACV vehicle because they have the confidence and tools needed to recover it rapidly. This is HUGE for the industry and this type of business! Ponder the benefit of writing 10% more loans every month and how this would represent a dramatic increase in revenue; what buy-here, pay-here dealer can say no to that opportunity? In addition to helping with re- possession costs, there are several other advantages for buy-here, pay- here dealers when it comes to GPS vehicle tracking. Tough economic times undeniably lead to vehicle theft and loan skips. The use of a GPS vehicle tracking device can significantly reduce the dealerships costs associated with this harsh familiarity. That is where GoldStar GPS comes into play; we are there after the handshake to offer 24/7 asset protection.

So how do we maintain this status?


GoldStar GPS has recognized from an early stage that our customers are, and must always be our number one priority, and because of that we strive to continually offer outstanding assistance to all of our customers needs by providing quick and easy solutions to any potential problems or concerns that they have.


GoldStar GPS continually upgrades and enhances their products taking into account the customers changing needs and requirements.  The company’s main focus is in fulfilling these needs and to ensure that customers are satisfied and quality is never compromised. Input from our customers is crucial when making important decisions such as design, implementation and integration of the products and services that we offer.


GoldStar GPS continually takes the time to get to know our clients and their individual business models, we work with them and take their feedback into consideration, our account management team has a diverse background in both consumer electronics and retail automotive management.  We are here to serve our clients.

To learn more about our automotive solutions line feel free to contact me directly, or visit

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