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We Take Reliability Personally. For Each and Every Device

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We Take Reliability Personally. For Each and Every Device

With over two million Talon GPS tracking devices shipped and installed, Spireon is clearly the market leader in telematics technology for the automotive industries, including dealerships like yours. Why do so many dealerships choose our Talon GPS tracking devices for their unique business demands? From listening to our customers, one reason comes up every time: our devices achieve the highest level of reliability.

Passing every test for every device is the only option.
It’s one thing to design and manufacture a sophisticated piece of technology. It’s another to design it for the hazards our GPS tracking devices are in store for, including temperature extremes, dirt, dust, grime, shock, vibration, water resistance and more. For these reasons, Spireon is personally committed to ensuring our GPS tracking devices meet a higher standard – 100% of our devices are tested before shipping. This provides the best quality and service, and ensures each device performs in actual GPS tracking conditions before a single one is shipped. There is no other option, because failure at the customer level is not an option here at Spireon.

Only at Spireon do devices pass the Dean Delbaugh test.
The next time you look at a Spireon Talon GPS tracking device, you’ll be thinking Dean Delbaugh had a hand at making it the most reliable business tool you’ll ever have. Who’s Dean Delbaugh? Introductions are in order… Dean Delbaugh is Spireon’s Provisioning Production Manager, meaning his team is responsible for making sure that only a quality, reliable Spireon GPS tracking device is tested and shipped to you. It’s a responsibility that incorporates the principles of Lean Six Sigma process methodology, continuous improvement, teamwork, QA, innovative hi-tech assembly skills, and a personal responsibility to make sure every device shipped is a 100%-tested device.

“My team takes the utmost pride in our product, making sure our customers only receive devices that meet our high standards straight out of the box,” says Dean. “We take extra steps during testing not only because our customers expect our devices to perform at the highest level, but because we expect them to perform at the highest level first.”

You don’t have to wait for quality.
Thanks to Dean’s extensive knowledge and embracement of innovative process improvement techniques here at Spireon, his team is capable of shipping over 100,000 tested and passed devices each month, which comes to 3,000+ devices each day. So not only is the device’s quality a priority with us, putting it in your hands sooner than later is of vital importance to us as well. Each device follows a defined testing sequence that must meet cycle time requirements as well as quality requirements so that 99% of orders are shipped the same day.

Six Sigma at Spireon.
What are the chances a Spireon Talon device will suffer failure during its lifetime? Depends how far you want to go past the decimal point. The definition of a Six Sigma process, which Spireon follows, is that over 99% of a device’s performance is statistically expected to be defect-free.

How does Six Sigma work at Spireon? Dean and his team adopted the Six Sigma quality assurance tools and techniques that were developed by pioneering business process engineers decades ago and have proven themselves as highly measurable and effective quality improvement methods. Over two-thirds of the Fortune 500 companies use Six Sigma to improve quality and customer satisfaction. At Spireon, Six Sigma simply assures your Talon device will perform perfectly under all conditions. Right out of the box. Talon means reliability. In each and every device.

“We are personally responsible for your success in each and every Talon device,” adds Dean.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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