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Investing in Future of CDMA technology

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We Invested in Tomorrow – Now We’re Passing the Savings on to You.

How fast can an industry change? In most cases, the answer is usually, “Not fast enough.”

But at Spireon, we challenge that answer every day in everything we do. Take for instance the fast-spreading sunsetting of yesterday’s 2G GSM technology by carriers such as AT&T. This is going to impact every business using 2G GSM GPS devices. If you’re one of these businesses, take note: we’ve made it easier and more affordable to trade in your old 2G GSM technology and put the future CDMA technology to work for you today.

Spireon is always looking forward—and even more, looking out for our customers. That’s why we have developed a special and simple trade-in program:

Give us your old GPS device, purchase a new Spireon Talon CDMA device, and we’ll put $20 towards your purchase—and there’s no limit to the number of trade-ins.

Why CDMA? The simple answer is… for all the reasons 2G GSM is being sunsetted. CDMA technology is faster, considerably more reliable, and provides the most extensive coverage in the country. It’s also the kind of future-proof investment businesses will be rewarded with because it will work with all of tomorrow’s networks.

Why Spireon? Two reasons:
  • With 1.7 million subscribers, you have the advantage of being part of a proven solution designed for everything that is coming in the future—including plenty of space for billions more as our industry-leading technology platform is built to support an industry.
  • The industry’s only performance guarantee. Our solution is backed by the industry's first Pure Gold Performance Guarantee that ensures 99.9% application uptime.

Watch the 2G GSM sunset from the comfort of your new Spireon Talon CDMA device by going here: and start saving $20 on each trade-in.


David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions
Spireon, Inc.

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