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Choose 11th generation CDMA-enabled GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS for Better Coverage.

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Want Better Coverage? Choose CDMA.

Here at Spireon, innovation is in our DNA. We’re continually refining our solutions to anticipate the evolving needs and challenges of our customers. That includes our customers in the automotive finance industry.

We know many of our automotive dealer and lender customers have concerns about the 2G sunset and what it means for their GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS investments. Let me just reassure you that we’re not going to leave your stranded. In fact, the Automotive Solutions Group at Spireon just launched our new 11th generation CDMA-enabled GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS collateral management systems to help customers protect their technology investments.

The fact is, you will have to prepare for the 2G sunset and move to the next-generation technology at some point. If you don’t upgrade your technology, you’re likely to experience serious issues with your device performance over the next few years.

To avoid service degradation, we’re connecting our customers to CDMA technology now. CMDA is the latest standard in wireless technology. What does this mean for you? It means a range of improvements that will help you reduce your risk and improve profits even more.

Let’s start with the competitive advantages our CDMA technology brings to you today. GoldStar GPS and LoanPlus CMS with CDMA come with the best coverage and most reliable connections. Which means you’ll stay connected to your vehicles all the time — no dropped connections — even in rural areas.

Our CMDA technology also delivers better network access and faster data speeds, which make for faster vehicle locates. The faster you can locate your vehicles, the faster you can recover them and the more money you save.
So when it comes time to evaluate GPS tracking devices and collateral management systems in preparation for the 2G sunset, make sure the system you choose delivers the wide coverage, reliable connections and fast data speeds you need to reduce your risk and increase your profits. CDMA is the smart choice. In my next blog post, I’ll discuss why it’s also the future-proof choice.

In the meantime, feel free to read about our CMDA-enabled vehicle tracking devices at and

David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions

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