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Verify STIPs Without the Phone Calls

As increasing numbers of customers come into dealerships with credit challenges, dealers are going deeper with loans. The deeper the loan, the higher the risk that the vehicle you sell may need to be recovered. To offset this risk, it’s more important than ever to perform due diligence when it comes to verifying your customers’ home addresses and employer information.

Typically, STIP verification requires your staff to devote hours of their time making multiple phone calls to verify addresses and workplace information. These are hours your staff could be spending serving customers and selling vehicles instead. What’s more, your customers don’t always appreciate calls to their employers and landlords, asking to verify information they’ve provided. It’s intrusive and instantly sets up a tone of distrust.

We’ve heard dealerships talk about the pain, cost and resource-drain surrounding STIP verification. And we’ve responded to this pain. Our new GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system is available with our patent-pending Reference Genie™ feature that automates STIP verification, saving you countless hours while saving your customers the embarrassment of phone calls.

Here’s the way Reference Genie works. Instead of calling around to check if Joe Smith indeed works at the local gym and lives at 123 Main Street, you now simply enter the addresses you need to confirm. Reference Genie does the work for you. The feature automatically conducts background analysis based on defined reference criteria, and then auto-generates the results. References that pass can be filed, allowing you to focus your time only on those references that raise red flags.

Reference Genie does more than save you time. It also allows you to close out STIPs much faster so loans can be sold or process more easily. Faster loan processing means faster cash flow. Reference Genie also helps to identify if a customer may have changed home addresses or workplace. And it enables you to identify potential locations for the vehicle. For example, if Reference Genie identifies a frequently visited location, you can be pretty sure that he/she will be visiting that place every now and then — driving the vehicle there to do it. The best part is that the system does all the work for you.

Reference Genie is just one example of GoldStar CMS’s many innovative new features designed to simplify your life and allow you to focus on selling cars. In my next blog post, I’ll introduce you to Location Genie — your solution to reducing vehicle recovery costs and time.

David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions
Spireon, Inc.

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