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GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system dashboard

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Vehicle Info at a Glance with Dashboard

In developing our new GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system, we actively sought the input from dealerships across the country. We asked you what you wanted to see most in a GPS locator, and what vehicle tracking features would make your life easier. We also asked you what vehicle information was most important to you — what did you want to know, right off the bat?

We took this information, and used it to create one of GoldStar CMS’s most powerfully simple features: the Dashboard. Beautifully designed to be intuitive and easy-to-read, the Dashboard gives you a single-screen view of all the most pertinent vehicle data you need to see — all in one place. This drastically reduces the number of clicks needed to view the information you want, allowing you to get out of your office and back on the lot selling cars. One-screen views of critical vehicle data also enable you to take quicker action on key business tasks you need to perform.

So what kind of information does the Dashboard serve up? Well, for starters, you can create groups of data, for example: vehicles grouped by lenders, or vehicles with past late-payment offenders. You can see all vehicles that are currently out for repossession, as well as those vehicles’ last locations on the map. You can see vehicles that have GPS tracking devices on cars with low batteries, allowing you to contact those customers to schedule a battery placement. You can monitor how many times you’ve tracked specific vehicles to see which vehicles are eating up your Pooled Tracks. You can also view GPS tracking devices that are due for renewal service, view inventory status, and more.

All the data is displayed in easy-to-see and -understand graphics. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to maintain your inventory and support sales more easily; reduce missed renewals and make sure your GPS tracking devices are working when they need to be. You’ll also save money by addressing those high-use devices and save time by calling attention to those items that need action right away. And that means you can focus your energy on serving customers.

We invite you to test drive the new Dashboard for yourself. Call your GoldStar CMS sales rep to schedule a no-cost demo. And stay tuned for my next post, in which I’ll be discussing GoldStar CMS’s new Device Health Monitor feature.

David Meyer
Executive Vice President, Sales & Services Automotive Solutions
Spireon, Inc

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