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Five Reasons Why Automotive Dealers Should Choose GoldStar GPS

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Top Five Reasons Automotive Dealers Should Choose GoldStar GPS

GPS vehicle tracking devices are gaining traction across the automotive finance sector, helping dealers increase efficiencies and productivity while reducing risks associated with subprime lending.  In fact, according to an NABD survey, 46 percent of surveyed BHPH dealers said they used a disabler product with a payment reminder, while 36 percent said they used GPS tracking systems equipped with payment reminder devices.

But, as you know, not every GPS vehicle tracking device is created equally and in order for a device to deliver results, it must meet a rigorous checklist of criteria. Below are the top five reasons automotive dealers should choose GoldStar GPS:

1. Proven technology: Recently, Spireon was selected as a 2014 “A-List in M2M Award” recipient by market research firm Compass Intelligence at the CES Conference in Las Vegas. The company’s Automotive Solutions Group was awarded the “Best Platform” in the M2M category for its Automotive Finance and Collateral Management System.

2. Champion hardware: Much thought and detail has been put into the physical design of the Talon to ensure reliable performance that keeps our customers continually connected to their critical data. With over 800,000 devices sold, the Talon has the lowest failure rate in the market.

3. Live customer service: Customer service is more than just a department – it’s a personal connection. We’ve expanded our customer service team to ensure that customers talk to a live person every time they call.  

4. Industry expertise: With 1.7 million active vehicles being tracked, Spireon leads the way in the automotive finance industry.

5. New flexible plans: We understand that no two dealers are alike, which is why GoldStar GPS now offers new flexible plans for dealers looking for a basic vehicle locate solution versus a comprehensive collateral management solution.

Take GoldStar GPS for a test drive, sign up for free demo today!

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