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Top 5 Things Automotive Lenders Need to Know About Their Data

As the demand for vehicle inventory goes up and more customers with credit challenges come into dealerships to buy vehicles, dealers are seeking ways to increase sales while lowering risk. Big data offers a solution to this challenge.

In fact, more and more dealers have invested in GPS-based telematics systems that allow them to track their vehicles’ locations, movement and status while lowering the risks and costs associated with defaults, delinquencies and repossessions.

But it’s no longer a matter of simply tracking vehicle assets; collateral management systems also provide the insight and analytics dealerships need to seize more opportunities, identify areas of waste, strengthen customer relationships, compete more effectively, operate with more agility, improve efficiencies, work more productively, and ultimately increase profits. That’s the power of big data.

However, getting the most from your big data – actionable, understandable and relevant business intelligence – takes the right solution and provider. The challenge comes in not only collecting the data you need, but in securing it, storing it, making sure it’s available, and making sense of it.

Below is a presentation by Spireon’s Neil Fisher, Vice President, Western Region, covering the five key areas you need to evaluate before choosing a solutions provider. From compliance to scalability, Neil will help you understand everything you need to know to make the right choice for your dealership!

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