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More tips to make the right collateral management system choice for your business

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Tips for Choosing the Right Collateral Management System – Part Two

Choosing Collateral Management System - GoldStar GPSIs it possible to have too many choices? When it comes to clothes, vacations, and dinner options, probably not. But when deciding on which collateral management system to purchase, keeping in mind that the right system can add tremendous value to your business, then the answer is probably yes.

In part one, we laid out two key areas that dealers should research before investing in the technology. In this edition, we’ll give you two more tips, to help ensure that you won’t regret your decision later on.

Customer Service:
This is an area that’s often difficult to quantify in store or when shopping online, but that may be the most important aspect for companies to consider when researching collateral management systems. What parameters are in place should your system malfunction? Is your data secure and backed up? How long will it take to fix the issue? These are all questions that must be answered before decide on a system.

GoldStar GPS is backed by Spireon’s 25 years of proven experience and innovation, and customer service is a top priority. In fact, the customer support team at Spireon has tripled in recent years in order to provide the best, and most well-rounded customer service experience in the industry.

Feature-rich Experience:
Experience is the keyword here once again, and nothing will enhance yours like a collateral management system that’s packed full of features. GoldStar GPS separates itself from other systems by working with all the major wireless carriers to offer wider coverage, faster access to the network, and more reliable coverage nationwide. In addition, customers can expect a plethora of reporting features, customizable geozones and location alerts, and the ability to monitor your fleet from any smart device.

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