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The Face of Exceptional Customer Relationships

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The Face of Exceptional Customer Relationships

There is potentially no more powerful addition you can make to your business than implementing a GPS vehicle tracking solution. Singlehandedly, it can increase sales, protect your vehicle assets, and provide you with more time doing what you do best – selling.

So what happens that derails the unlimited potential of GPS tracking for dealers far too many times? It’s the lack of personal attention to the customer’s needs – right from the start. Too many GPS companies rely on a customer’s email inbox to help them get up and running. What are those companies saying to their customers? “Here’s an email that tells you what you need to know, and here’s a link to a website with FAQs.” And that’s it.

Do you really think anything is going to change in that business with such a lack of personal attention? That’s the formula for failure. If you think I’m over exaggerating, consider what’s missing when there’s no ongoing communication from a dedicated account team that delivers personal attention:

  • Demonstrating how important the customer is to the company: Being there for the customer sends an important message that technology can never do: “You are worth my time.” The importance the customer feels also makes them feel confident in the solution, which in many parts, is a key to its success.
  • Listening to the customer: If you’ve ever wondered why some companies innovate faster and better than most other companies, a lot of it is in how much they listen to their customers. Most times, the next great idea is a customer’s great idea. This only happens when there are two-way conversations and a personal investment in customer satisfaction.
  • Building a lasting relationship: By getting to know each customer, it’s easy to develop a trusting relationship. It’s a shared experience whether a face-to-face meeting or a phone call to simply check in, and that is how great customer relationships are built.
  • Addressing the issues most important to the customer: What matters most to you is what matters most to us. Identifying those special issues you deal with on a day-to-day gives us the ability to address what you need most in a solution.

“I Am GoldStar” holds a special meaning to GoldStar CMS customers. It means you’ll get to know our names and even faces. And that’s a good thing. Good in ways that matter to your business. Like…

  • Before there’s even ever a sale, we’re on-site, on your playing field, getting a good picture of your unique needs, issues, and business goals. That’s because there’s no one GPS solution that fits everyone. And our full-time Spireon field reps can show you how a personalized GoldStar CMS solution works for your business – and your bottom line.
  • GPS tracking devices are modern marvels of innovation. But making sure that precise technology works its best takes a professionally trained installer. And that’s why we have a nationwide network of certified installation experts who make sure to visit a dealership – face-to-face – to handle all the installations. Because that’s where the successful results start.
  • How do you sustain successful results? The right training. And that happens when our Spireon team take a hands-on approach to making sure everyone who needs to use the GPS solution is trained and able to maximize results. And it doesn’t stop with just an initial training session. We’ll stop by whether it’s to check in on how things are going, discuss any major issues, or to train new staff that’s come on board.

GPS tracking with GoldStar CMS is too important and too high a potential for success to simply rely on emails or FAQs. Your success is too important. Just as there’s no replacement for GoldStar CMS GPS tracking, there’s no replacement for personalized attention to ensure its success and a long-term customer relationship. I Am GoldStar. And I’m the face of exceptional customer relationships.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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