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The Talon Stands Out

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The Talon Stands Out

By David Meyer, Executive VP

Economy up. Confidence up. Auto sales up, along with a healthy boost from subprime loans from nice people who fell on hard times during the recession.

With this particular financing option, many individuals who suffer from low-credit scores will be able to qualify for loans and purchase a vehicle—great for both the buyer and the dealership—but it comes with higher risk for the sellers and the financers. Yet problems create opportunities, and thus the need for a robust product that could help mitigate this risk.

Spireon has responded to that need with the Talon GPS Tracking Device, giving real time, data rich business intelligence to the asset management team. Specifically designed for the auto financing industry, the Talon is the highest-performing GPS tracking device of its kind on the market. For over a decade, Spireon has been refining the Talon system and—now in its 10th generation—it boasts more advanced features than ever before.

Industry veterans and customers alike have been recruited to help design and implement these new features, including significant improvements to both software and hardware. The physical appearance of the Talon was developed to both protect the device and keep it disguised; its sleek, integrated look guarantees that the Talon blends in seamlessly with equipment already inside a vehicle. The device itself is fully weatherized to protect it from an array of unexpected environmental factors and it is ultrasonically-welded together for added security and safety.

Spireon has invested substantial resources in developing a quality product both inside and out.  Not only does the Talon GPS tracking device have an innovative design and structure; the Talon also has cutting edge technology giving it amazing speed and reliability when business intelligence gathering, analysis and action is a must.

With excellent scalability, the Talon system can be fit to meet any specific customer’s needs while still remaining cost-efficient and reliable. Built today with the future in mind, the Talon is also designed to easily adapt to new technologies that promise wider bandwidth and speed. Spireon has outperformed the competition in innovating a groundbreaking product that’s prepared for the next generation of GPS vehicle tracking technology. 

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