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The Talon- a BHPH Auto Dealer’s view

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The Talon- a BHPH Auto Dealer’s view

Carlos Ido-General Manager

Carnaval Auto Credit, Dallas TX 

As a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, you need a GPS vehicle tracking solution that will ensure asset protection 24/7. As all of us in this industry know finding the best solution to anything can be a very difficult task, there are a plethora of providers on the market and we at Carnaval Auto Credit have more than done our research.

By trial and error we made the decision to implement GoldStar GPS products as our sole provider for collateral tracking and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  Their customer service is top notch, installation is simple and they are continually making an effort to create new solutions that will keep up with modern technology.  Deterring devices such as the Decoy and customizable features in every product they design, it makes the choice simple.

Recently my Sales rep introduced me to the newest product delivered by GoldStar GPS, The Talon. Right away I could tell the new device was modernized by its thin design. The slim and smaller sizing makes it easier to place in the vehicle and this made the installation process quick. It comes as no surprise that some of our clients tend to look for a GPS tracker in their financed vehicle, the Talon’s design makes it harder to find if a customer should try to look for it.

Round the clock inventory management is also something we take seriously at Carnaval Auto Credit, the Talon’s enhanced inventory management feature made my job more efficient just by the click of a button. Like all of Spireon’s products, The Talon also comes with an extended 3 year warranty, and this is something we can rely on.

I highly recommend Spireon’s line of Automotive Solutions to any BHPH dealer looking to cut costs and keep track of their collateral. The Talon is just another reason why we choose GoldStar GPS for all of our vehicle tracking needs. If you want more info on the Talon you can visit

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