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The Talon — 10th Generation GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

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The Talon — 10th Generation GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

By David Meyer, Executive VP

Your GPS vehicle tracking system is only as good as the GPS devices installed in your vehicles. That’s why Spireon invests significantly in ongoing research, development and innovation to continually advance our GPS tracking device technology for our automotive lender customers.

GoldStar GPS vehicle tracking solution comes with the Talon — Spireon’s 10th generation GPS tracking device built on proven, patented, road-tested technology. The latest generation in GPS tacking devices, Talon features a host of powerful, flexible and advanced features that make this the premier device in our line-up. Let’s start with the Talon’s intelligent design. A sleeker, near-flat footprint with an OEM look makes for more covert installation that deters tampering and removal. It may be our thinnest device to date, but the Talon is ruggedized and rigorously tested with stand up against tough environmental conditions including moisture, dust and high heat. The device’s sealed, integrated cable also ensures water resistance.

The Talon features some pretty impressive engineering advances too, including an industry-leading ARM7 32 bit processor for high performance and speed — this is our fastest device yet. With its best-in-class 25mm passive patch GPS antenna design and ultra-sensitive GPS receiver, the Talon quickly captures and transits GPS positioning data even in remote locations where signals can be spotty. This also allows our customers enhanced geo-fence capability, meaning you have more flexibility to set up geographic boundaries then receive alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves those boundaries.

We’ve integrated a number of robust features for added reliability, as well. The SIM card holder design is now fault tolerant and resistant to extreme heat. The new Talon also features a resettable internal fuse for automatic fault recovery and enhanced surge protection. Last but not least, Talon meets and exceeds all carrier, PTCRB and TRP/TIS certification for receiving and transmitting cellular data.

In other words, you’ll have the confidence knowing that the Talon GPS tracking devices installed in your vehicles will continue to operate at peak performance — keeping you connected to the critical vehicle data you need to drive your loan portfolio performance and reduce risk. What’s more, we’re backing this up with a 3-year warranty.

Learn more about the Talon today at

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