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A Strong Finish to Tax Season

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A Strong Finish to Tax Season

By David Meyer, Executive Vice President


As we near the end of tax season, dealers everywhere are making that final push to drive up sales. If current numbers are any indication, here’s hoping your tax-season sales end up hitting record highs.


It’s not over until the last customer comes in with the last tax return. As you go all out to capture as much business as possible, you’ll also want to make sure your vehicle assets are adequately protected before they leave your lot. Our GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS solutions will help you drive those final tax-season sales while also reducing your risks and freeing you to finance more vehicles.


With GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS vehicle tracking systems in place, you’ll have the confidence to offer your tax-season customers more competitive rates and terms on their financing — bringing in yet more sales. You’ll also be able to say “yes” to more customers with credit challenges who walk through your doors, knowing that your vehicle assets are protected.


Once the sale is done, GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS continue to drive your financial performance by reducing delinquencies, defaults, and costs associated with repossession and skip-tracing. Both systems come with automated payment reminders that help your customers stay on track with their payments. Should the need arise, on-demand vehicle location makes it quick and cost-effective to recover delinquent vehicles. GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS also come with starter disable features that allow you to remotely disable stopped vehicles should they become delinquent. This provides additional motivation for customers to make their payments on time, while making it even easier to recover delinquent vehicles if necessary.


As you’re making your final sales push this tax season, be sure to let your customers know that GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS also offer advantages for them. The automated payment reminders are a great tool for helping customers stay current with their payments, which in turn helps them rebuild their credit. Both systems may also help speed up the recovery of vehicles in the event they’re stolen. And many insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles with GPS tracking systems installed in them — customers will appreciate this.


So before you close to books on this year’s tax season, make sure you’re closing more sales with the right vehicle tracking system in place. To learn more, visit and

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