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Spireon: Driving the M2M Revolution

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Spireon: Driving the M2M Revolution

By: David Meyer, Executive VP of Sales

In previous blogs, I’ve focused on our range of Automotive Solutions designed to help automotive finance companies, financial institutions, and dealerships control risk while expanding loan portfolios. Now I’d like to focus on the company behind these solutions: Spireon. A leading innovator of Mobile Resources Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence Solutions, Spireon helps companies and organizations across multiple industries — including automotive finance — leverage their mobile assets and workforces for improved business performance.

When selecting a solution to help you manage your collateral and protect your assets, it’s equally important to take a close look at the provider behind that solution. So here are some of the key strengths and differentiators that make Spireon not only a leader in the industries we serve, but also a reliable long-term partner committed to your success.

A company is only as good as its people. Spireon attracts, retains and rewards our industry’s top talent, from our executive team to our in-house engineering team to our sales force and customer service representatives. We promote a culture that supports collaboration, innovation and thought-leadership. What’s more, we recognize that our customers are people as well — respecting their time and responding quickly to their requests.

While building a solid foundation of talent, Spireon has also built a cutting-edge platform to support our solutions. We call this our NSpire M2M (machine-to-machine) Business Intelligence platform, and it’s what allows our solutions to support 1.5 million subscribers — and counting — with the highest level of service availability, speed, reliability, security and scalability. A private, cloud-based environment, NSpire is comprised of robust databases, web servers, high-speed Internet networks, and top-tier data centers capable of serving up vast amounts of critical business data on demand. This environment also provides stringent security controls and back-up protocols to ensure your sensitive data is protected and preserved. Highly elastic, NSpire allows us to quickly scale our solutions up and down to meet spikes in demand without disrupting service to our customers. Recognized as a leading platform by our industry peers, NSpire was recently awarded “Best in Business Intelligence” at the M2M Evolution’s Battle of the Platforms.

Unlike other players in the M2M space, Spireon has taken our horizontal NSpire platform and adapted it to meet the specific needs of multiple high-growth vertical markets including the transportation, logistics and trucking industry; the enterprise fleet and local fleet market; the automotive finance industry and dealerships; and the healthcare industry. Each industry requires a customized approach that in turn requires a unique understanding of each particular market. Spireon’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned executives who bring experience not only in mobile resource management technologies, but also in the vertical industries we serve. We’ve also made it a point to build strong departments within our company, each one dedicated to understanding and meeting the unique needs of our customers.

At Spireon, we make a significant investment in ongoing research and development with the goal of continually evolving and enhancing our products to meet our customers’ changing needs. Our in-house technology team includes talented hardware and software engineers dedicated to developing superior solutions built on best-in-breed technology that delivers reliable performance.

This continual innovation and refinement has resulted in solutions that capture an unprecedented level of real-time rich data from mobile assets and resources, delivered as actionable business intelligence at our clients’ fingertips. This is the machine-to-machine component, and we’re revolutionizing the companies use M2M technology to achieve greater efficiencies, productivity and profitable performance.

Return on investment is also engineered into every Spireon solution. We collaborate with our customers to develop ROI models that project returns in specific operational and business areas with quantifiable metrics attached to those returns. We continue working with our customers as partners to ensure a rapid and continual return on their investments. Spireon also protects and extends the value of our customers’ existing investments, with solutions that integrate seamlessly with other applications commonly used in the industries we serve.

To maximize our customers’ success, Spireon provides professional-grade training on our solutions at our Spireon University, located in our state-of-the-art technology center, as well as onsite at our customers’ location. We support our customers’ continued success with world-class customer service available 24/7, including a dedicated Customer Account Manager assigned to each customer and complete installation services.

Spireon brings the financial stability, deep industry experience, proven technology, and world-class customer support to serve as a reliable long-term partner for any company looking to harness their mobile assets and workforces for improved business performance. To learn more, visit

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