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Spireon CIO Sam Balooch Named Finalist for Trace3 Outlier Award

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Spireon CIO Sam Balooch Named Finalist for Trace3 Outlier Award

Award recognizes excellence in information technology leadership

IRVINE, Calif. – March 11, 2015 – Spireon Inc., the leading innovator of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Business Intelligence Solutions that connect companies to their mobile assets and workforces, proudly recognizes its Chief Information Officer, Sam Balooch, who was named a finalist for the prestigious Trace3 Outlier Award. The award honors individuals who consistently deliver dynamic innovation and outstanding leadership in the field of information technology.

Balooch joined Spireon in 2013 and has been the catalyst for significant change within the company.  His challenge:  Ensure that customers and employees remain connected to their critical data through reliable, high-speed, secure, scalable and flexible technology platforms and services.

Balooch has embraced that challenge, building a strong team that has helped him transform the company’s infrastructure into the robust, stable NSpire M2M platform over which Spireon delivers its Automotive Telematics and Fleet and Asset Intelligence solutions. Service disruptions have been eliminated to the extent that, in fall 2014, Spireon was able to offer a best-in-class 99.9 percent performance guarantee to its customers.

“Many people don’t understand the significance of Sam’s accomplishment, but even seemingly small percentage increases in uptime means our customers are more connected to the critical applications and data they need to run their businesses,” said Spireon CEO Marc Brungger.  “Sam embraced the technology leadership role at Spireon from day one, forging a team that continually worked to meet and exceed the company’s goals. His achievements are recognized throughout the company, and it’s wonderful that his peers in technology leadership are also taking note.”

According to award criteria, Outliers:

  • Understand the industry and business goals of their company as well as the technology and how that technology applies to the business.
  • Deliver creative, out-of-the-box technology solutions.
  • Build the trust of business leaders in their company by being both transparent and collaborative.
  • Understand precisely how technology is going to deliver against their company's business goal.
  • Are skilled in building the right team, stimulating open team communication, and providing team leadership for consistent, positive results.

“Perhaps the biggest honor for me is the company I’m keeping with my fellow finalists, several of whom are from Fortune 1000 companies,” Balooch said. “I’m proud to be part of a team that has put 110 percent effort into achieving such great things in such a short period of time.”

Balooch received his finalist award at a special awards presentation in late January in Las Vegas, NV.

About Spireon

Spireon, Inc., connects companies to their mobile assets and workforces, giving them powerful information platforms that turn data into actionable business intelligence.  Headquartered in Irvine, CA, Spireon’s leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)-based tools now support more than 2 million active subscribers through the company’s vehicle finance and fleet telematics solutions, and trailer and asset intelligence GPS offerings.

Spireon’s award-winning NSpire M2M intelligence platform provides unparalleled reliability and scalability, allowing the company to deliver ROI-focused solutions. The company's automotive solutions help dealers and lenders put more of their customers into vehicles, while giving them the tools to make smarter lending decisions, protect their investment, ensure longer performing loans and improve their business fundamentals. Spireon's industry-leading fleet offerings provide real-time visibility into business operations, allowing owners and managers to optimize asset management and improve driver satisfaction and retention.


Spireon Inc.

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