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Spireon 7 Spotlight-Scale

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Spireon 7 Spotlight-Scale

By: Mark Behnke, RVP Automotive Solutions

The story of Spireon is one of growth and victory. Blood, sweat, and tears – they are all here. In a little over a decade we have undergone an incredible number of game-changers and industry-shakers. This didn’t happen on accident. The progression of the company is often viewed from a singular perspective, but let’s step back and expand the view for a moment. Spireon has grown…


…From a single ADT product to seven brands offering multiple products, serving a myriad of business segments.


…From a single location to multiple world-class offices.


…From a few pioneers gathered around a piece of paper with an assemblance of ideas, to nearly 400 personifying thought-leadership in a way that directly affects how the MRM industry is being shaped.


Still, there is an important piece missing in our analysis: the how. How was the company able to scale so effectively and meet harsh deadlines time and time again?

When it comes to the question of how this is continually accomplished, it’s best to ask Kristen Hale, Spireon’s Executive Vice President of Operations. She is responsible for ensuring that every product is purchased, shipped, monitored, and serviced in a way that reflects customers’ needs. She ensures a smooth and efficient life-cycle from sales order to product delivery.

According to Ms. Hale there are three key elements to a strong operations team. The first element is knowing your customers and keeping them happy by attending to their needs. What’s absolutely necessary to meet this standard is a skilled, personable staff to adequately address the complex and varying needs of a wide-variety of customers. It would be impossible to maintain this large of an operation (servicing over 1.5 million live units in the field) otherwise. This second element can be summed up in a direct quote from her, “Hire great people.”


The final element she discussed was particularly important considering Spireon is a technology company with stakes in both software and hardware. “Know your systems and processes in great detail, and train your team accordingly”, said Ms. Hale.  

The bite-sized version of these three key elements can be broken down in a single sentence. Spireon’s scale consists of knowing your customers’ needs, hiring a great staff to address them, and ensuring a department-wide knowledge of instilled processes and systems. This tried-and-true scale philosophy has allowed Spireon to grow from a mere idea to a game-changing, mobile resource management company

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