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Spireon 7 Spotlight: Distribution

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Spireon 7 Spotlight: Distribution

By Edwin Donahue, RVP Automotive Solutions

Spireon 7 makes up the fabric of our success!

The power of Spireon 7 enables us to continuously deliver actionable and game-changing solutions to overcome everyday problems on a daily basis. Concepts like conventional wisdom and status quo do not take part in our thinking. We create differentiation by harnessing the unique tools of Spireon 7 to solve real customer problems through business intelligence in the markets that we compete. Our unique approach leads to the development of new and innovative products & information platforms that revitalize markets in need for inspiration.

Let’s take a moment to address a very essential component of Spireon’s success: Distribution. Before explaining what it is, or why we focus on it, it’s important to explain the relationship between our Distribution and how it directly impacts our customer base. 

With the growth of our distribution channels, we are continuously better equipped to drive an even greater return-on-investment for our customers. We are able to offer superior GPS products that integrate with our constantly advancing, world-class, software platform. In addition to improved quality, we are able to drive down prices as we leverage greater purchasing power of raw material goods. Keeping this explanation of “Distribution” in mind, always remember we are referring to improved product quality and lower product costs that we pass down to the customer.

The emphasis we place on addressing customers’ needs – both, before and after purchasing our products – is often attributed to our intimate level of dedication to our staff and our world-class devotion to our customer base. The breadth of Spireon’s reach is often attributed to the implementation of our philosophy on scale. The quality of Spireon’s game changing information platforms is often attributed to the Software as a Service model we decided to adopt and tirelessly innovate.

Loyalty, product integrity, game changing information platforms, solid customer service… These are all essential components of Spireon’s unbounded success.

What about “Distribution”? What key components are required to be able to improve product quality and lower production costs?

  1.  A professional sales force
  2. Leading product marketing
  3. Building world-class brands and channels

    When all of these ingredients are stirred together, the result is an expansive network of customers who know the value that Spireon brings to their business through innovative mobile resource management solutions. David Meyer, Spireon’s Executive Vice President of Sales, said this about the sales force and how it promotes interoperability to drive leads to the company and value to the customer:


    “You have our customer account manager (CAM) team working hard to assist our sales staff in the field and office. In addition to this, you have our Project Management team continuing to optimize our hardware products and software services. When all is said and done, the Marketing Team moves forward to make an impact on our customers by providing the marketing materials necessary to connect the dots between our GPS products and the value they bring to businesses. When all is said and done, you have a formula that raises the bar pretty high for competition.”

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