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Simply Put: Why Used Car Dealers Love GPS tracking.

GPS vehicle tracking has proven itself to be very useful for auto dealers, especially in the Subprime Automotive Finance or “buy here, pay here” market. Though the options may seem limitless, here is why used car dealers love the protection that GPS vehicle tracking brings.

Conveniently, each car that a dealer sells can easily be equipped with a small tracking device, a tiny box that communicates with satellites to show the location of the car. These satellites read the latitude and longitude of each device, and transmit that information to a computer. This makes for round the clock location, anytime and anywhere.

With GPS vehicle tracking and the protection it brings, dealers already realize that they are the owner until the car is paid off, but now they know where there asset is located, 24/7.

Often times, the dealer won’t ever look for the car unless one of two things happen: either the buyer stops making payments and the car needs to be re-claimed, or the buyer calls to say that the car has been stolen by a third party. At this point, the dealer can be very grateful that he has GPS vehicle tracking to come to the rescue. The dealer will want to know exactly where the car is, and want to locate it quickly.

GPS vehicle tracking can step in after the handshake. It is important to trust, but in the business world, you must also verify. Because GoldStar GPS is the #1 provider of GPS vehicle tracking on the market today, we already know why dealers love our product and we’ll continue to Set the Gold Standard for thousands of dealers nationwide.

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