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Securing Customer Data

The last thing you need is a GPS vehicle tracking system that exposes your customers’ sensitive data and compromises their privacy. GoldStar CMS helps you adhere to regulations around data privacy with stringent security controls. While other GPS vehicle tracking system providers manage their customers’ data in-house, Spireon partners with experienced security experts dedicated to monitoring your data 2/47, year-round. These experts stay apprised of the latest security threats and employ the tightest security protocols.

As part of our multi-pronged security strategy, our cloud-based network is comprised of Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers strategically located nationwide. Accessible only to those with high-level security clearance, these data centers employ a range of cutting-edge security features to protect our customers’ data.

The data centers in our network also use leading-edge security to protect the data that travels between them and our customers. Secure internet pipes link the data centers, encrypting any data that gets pushed through them. Our data centers employ robust firewalls and sophisticated access protection to ensure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. The Spireon IT team additional runs weekly security scans against all external facing systems to proactively catch any potential vulnerabilities.