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The Road to GPS Vehicle Tracking

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The Road to GPS Vehicle Tracking

Mapping & Navigation come to mind when most people think about GPS. But the times have changed in regards to technology and uses for GPS, and one of the most prominent and widely known uses of GPS is for collateral management/asset protection.


The breakthroughs in GPS technology have helped businesses monitor their vehicles, employees, hours….the list is endless. Our industry leading solution, GoldStar GPS, utilizes this state of the art technology to assist Auto dealers in the Subprime Auto market.

Now more than ever it is critical to track the whereabouts of your assets, as the economic climate changes along with rising gas prices, more and more consumers are slipping into a different credit bracket. Instead of turning these customers away, auto dealers are now able to safely finance vehicles and secure underwriting knowing their asset is fully protected with GPS vehicle tracking.


After all, personal use of a GPS vehicle tracking system essentially means adding safety and security to a vehicle right? A dealer can, for example, program a "Geofence" around a vehicle so if it goes outside of a certain set parameter, they will automatically be alerted via call, email, or computer message as to its location.

It is a very effective anti-theft system as the starter can be remotely disabled, the alarm triggered, or the doors locked. Parents of teenage drivers may simply want to track and enforce vehicle use. A web-based application will show where the vehicle is, provide satellite photos of the location, and report when geographic boundaries are exceeded, and also report speed and top speeds.
Business use of GPS vehicle tracking has even greater benefits. Intelligent fleet monitoring can absolutely revolutionize the way a business is run. In addition to theft protection, business owners and dispatchers know at any time where their vehicles are, what routes they have run, what the odometer reading is, and whether they are being used according to plan and policy. The GoldStar solution not only allows for real-time tracking but also detailed history reports.

If all this sounds enormously complicated, it's not. Installation of a GPS vehicle tracking system is inherently no more difficult than that of a car audio system. Setting up the web-based tracking reports is simple as well, and can be done both for individual as well as multiple vehicles.



The GPS Vehicle Tracking device initially was created and developed with starter-interrupt and code-based devices designed to reduce delinquencies and provide payment reminders for those in the BHPH market. As GPS technology became more readily available, this technology was introduced into the market. The continued development of this technology affords financers features and functionality that would have once been unheard of. While many financers use either Payment Assurance systems or GPS tracking systems, some are now taking advantage of devices that utilize both technologies in a single device. While dual or combo products are relatively new to the industry, financers who want the ultimate protection available are adopting these combination devices. A survey conducted by the National Alliance of Buy Here Pay Here Dealers {NABD} indicated that while some may not be using combo products currently, they see the industry moving in that direction. Results indicated that 73% of those polled believe that dual technology (devices) is the future of the device industry.

A dual or combination product allows an additional level of security and functionality to help mitigate risk. Financers need to decide how much control they wish to have over their customers and weigh that against the incremental cost associated with this technology and the amount of time they wish to dedicate to the operation of these products. Higher control means less risk to the financer, but also means that more effort is required to manage the system. Dual or combo products, in many cases, allow the financer to select the level of control they wish to exercise over various customer collection situations.


GoldStar GPS continues to innovate as it explores the future of GPS and the value a robust solution brings to clients. New vehicle tracking and reporting features, higher speed broadband networks and next generation applications for data are all in the product roadmap as GoldStar GPS continues to be the premier GPS vehicle tracking solution on the market to auto dealers today.

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