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The Revolutionary Tenth Generation GPS Car Tracking Device - Talon

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The Revolutionary Tenth Generation Talon

By:  Corinna Tutor, VP Integrated Marketing

Every time a vehicle is driven off the lot, automotive dealers are putting themselves at risk. The fact is, losing assets can be a scary proposition for any business. But what if there was a way dealers could decrease the risks associated with delinquent borrowers?

The Talon - from Spireon – is the company’s 10th generation of GPS vehicle tracking device. It uses the company’s patented automotive asset recovery process, providing both dealers and lenders with a fully licensed solution to optimize their entire businesses chain process.

From monitoring loan statuses to vehicle recovery, the new and improved Talon features several innovative enhancements to help boost your bottom-line.

Frankly, it’s a game changer.  In fact, within the first 90 days of its release, Spireon shipped over 250,000 units.

The first thing you’ll notice about The Talon is how small it is. The near-flat shape and smooth ribbon cable make it easy to hide in a vehicle, essentially eliminating any chance of detection or removal.

Unlike other GPS vehicle tracking devices, The Talon is designed to withstand the stress of real world use. It’s innovative, automotive-grade engineering, and improved surge protection element, give dealers peace of mind that the device was designed for the long haul. It’s even waterproof! As if that weren’t enough, the device also comes with a healthy three-year extended warranty.

Don’t think for one second though that The Talon is all beauty and no brawn. It still manages to pack a punch. Whether it’s Spireon’s patented real-time, on-demand location and tracking, robust business intelligence reports, advanced alert features, 24-hour web accessibility, or interactive data visualization and mapping, The Talon offers dealers the world-class GPS vehicle tracking they desperately crave. 

Every once in awhile, a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry. When cutting edge technology meets cutting edge design, the results can often be groundbreaking. Before Blu-ray there were just DVD players, before smartphones there were just cell phones, and before The Talon…there were just GPS devices. 

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