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Rental Car Agencies

Asset Tracking That Adds Revenue

As a rental car company, you have vehicle assets to manage. You also have a business to grow. The GoldStar CMS asset tracking system reduces the risk and costs of renting to customers with credit challenges — including customers who prefer to pay with cash or debit cards. With GoldStar CMS telematics solution, you’ll have an on-demand GPS locator. You’ll also have an added source of revenue, without the added risk.

Accurate GPS Vehicle Tracking

GoldStar CMS tracks and locates your vehicles with greater speed and accuracy, allowing you to find missing, overdue and stolen vehicles more quickly. And more cost-effectively.

Time-Saving GPS Tracker

With a host of time-saving features, GoldStar CMS frees you to focus on serving customers, renting cars and running your business. The intuitive Dashboard feature lets you see exactly where all your GPS tracking devices are at ay given time, and what actions you need to take — all from a single screen. Group commands eliminate redundancies and the need to run single commands multiple times. With GoldStar CMS, all your vehicle tracking data is just a simple click away.

Get Your Cars Back With GeoFences

GoldStar CMS comes with robust functionality that lets you set up GeoFences around specific boundaries, including tow lots and impound lots. With GoldStar CMS GeoFences, you’ll be able to alert recovery agents when a vehicle is impounded, resulting in faster recovery of your vehicle asset and lower fees. Using GeoFences can also tell you when customers take a vehicle across a state or county line.

Asset Tracking Location Reports

Scheduled location reports provide vehicle asset tracking even for those customers, like hotels, who do not have rental agreements.

Monitor Your GPS Tracker Health

Stop worrying if your GPS tracking devices are working properly, and know the moment there’s an issue as well as what’s causing it. With one glance, you’ll be able to see when a vehicle’s battery power is running low, if the cell signal is strong or weak, and whether the GPS tracking device is connecting to GPS satellites.

From Asset Tracking To Lot Management

GoldStar CMS vehicle tracking system makes it simple to manage the vehicles in your lot.