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Protecting Your Inventory on the Lot

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Protecting Your Inventory on the Lot

By Dave Meyer, Executive VP

For the vast majority of BHPH dealerships, reducing the risk involved in subprime auto financing remains a priority. A robust GPS-based vehicle tracking solution like GoldStar GPS offers a highly effective tool in mitigating that risk. For the purposes of this week’s blog, however, I’d like to focus on another key benefit of GoldStar GPS for BHPH dealers: Protecting your inventory while it’s still on the lot.

Many BHPH dealerships are located in urban centers with high incidences of crime. Overnight theft of vehicles on the lot is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurrence. Having GoldStar GPS vehicle tracking devices installed in your vehicle inventory not only helps you reduce delinquencies, defaults and repossession costs. It can also help you recover vehicles stolen from your own lot more quickly and cost-effectively.

GoldStar GPS allows you to quickly locate a stolen vehicle, as well as track that vehicle’s movement. With this information, you can tell the police exactly where the vehicle is located. GoldStar GPS’s unique GeoFence feature also allows you to set up a boundary around your dealership, and receive alerts the instant a vehicle leaves that boundary, including after business hours. This alert feature makes it possible to take even quicker action to recover a stolen vehicle before any damage is done to it. GoldStar GPS also has a starter disable feature that allows you to remotely disable a stolen vehicle that’s not in motion. A disabled vehicle is even easier and faster for law enforcement to locate and recover.

We’ve recently seen the inventory theft-protection benefit of GoldStar GPS in action, with an excellent outcome. One of our BHPH dealer customers discovered that four of their vehicles were stolen from the lot in the middle of the night. The dealership immediately notified law enforcement and, using GoldStar GPS, were able to provide police with the exact location of the stolen vehicles. The cars were recovered within four hours without a scratch on them. Needless the say, our customer was thrilled to have their vehicles back on the lot so quickly and in mint condition without any additional costs. 

If you’re looking for a simple, powerful and affordable solution to protect your vehicle inventory on the lot, as well as reduce the risks and costs of offering subprime auto financing to credit-challenged customers, then take a closer look at GoldStar GPS. Visit our site at

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