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Protecting Your Assets in an Innovative Simple Way

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Protecting Your Assets in an Innovative Simple Way

By: David Meyer, Executive VP of Sales


Finding complementary and innovative solutions to help protect your mobile investments is important. GPS tracking devices have had enormous positive impact on risk management and asset protection. A live GPS tracking device is key in helping to avoid potential losses, minimize repossession costs and increase loan portfolios.

However, there are consumers who will actively try to find and disable GPS tracking devices. So it’s important to properly install the device in a well-hidden location. Yet, even the most well-placed and highly advanced GPS device can be rendered useless by a determined customer. Since the risk of customer GPS tampering is real, it’s important to include additional layers of protection. That’s where a decoy comes in.

The GoldStar GPS Decoy device, known simply as The DecoyTM, is designed to distract individuals from the actual live GPS tracking device installed in the vehicle. A few easy tips and tricks are all you need to properly use and install The Decoy.

First of all, as they say in real estate – location, location, location. The placement of The Decoy is just as important as the placement of the live GPS device. Positioning The Decoy in a somewhat obvious location can help conceal the location of the actual live GPS tracking device. A would-be tamperer is unlikely to search for multiple devices. Plus, The Decoy’s bold color, bright LED lighting and “GPS Tracker” labeling make it look like the real, live system.

Secondly, it’s easy to install. Just a couple wires to work with and you’re good to go. It adds an additional layer of protection that requires very little effort.

Lastly, it’s an inexpensive device that you can purchase with your actual GPS tracking device. A small cost that can greatly help reduce the complexities and risks associated with the management of your mobile assets.

The key is to give these tamperers something to find and disconnect.  The Decoy lets them think that they have successfully disconnected their vehicle’s GPS tracking device, but little do they know that the actual device it is still safe and in working condition. 

As you consider new ways to protect your investments, consider this, sometimes an old idea can be just as useful as any of today’s innovative gadgets. For more information on the GoldStar Decoy and other GoldStar tracking devices, visit

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