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Properly Installed GPS Tracking Devices Will Save Your Dealership Time and Money

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Properly Installed GPS Tracking Devices Will Save Your Dealership Time and Money

By David Meyer, Executive VP


A GPS Tracking Device has become a necessity for most BHPH dealers, giving you a sense of calm knowing your investment is protected. GPS tracking also provides your customers with additional benefits, it assists in the quick and efficient recovery of a stolen vehicle (if the need arises) and can also give your customer lower premiums on their car insurance. These are a couple of reasons why it is absolutely vital that the GPS tracking device works flawlessly. 

Many dealers do not want to be concerned with GPS installation, hiring outside installers that do it quickly and cheaply. These third-party installers typically don’t offer any guarantees and sometimes can do a poor job installing it, which ultimately leads to device failure. This may put you the dealer and your customer at risk and can even damage your relationship with your customer. In addition, it wastes both the time and money of the customer and the dealership. It is important to find a reliable, well-trained installer that offers guarantees like the Express Installation Service that Goldstar GPS provides. 

Installation technicians should be fully certified, insured, and bonded in this type of work, so you will have peace of mind that you and your customers will be satisfied during their most vulnerable moments. If the technician doesn’t install the GPS system correctly, it won’t work; and a non-working GPS system is worthless. It’s precisely why we encourage dealerships to choose GoldStar GPS technicians.

The technicians that come with the Express Installation Service are expertly trained to install the GPS system correctly the first time, and we test the solution to assure you everything works correctly. We are so confident in our technicians that we guarantee the labor for up to one year with quality control audits for installation and the device. We believe this should be standard with any GPS device and installation, as it enables you to save time and money, and it allows you to get the job done in the most efficient and quality way possible. 

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