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Performance Guarantee. 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime

Performance Guarantee - GoldStar GPS

GPS tracking backed with a

Pure Gold Performance Guarantee

99.9% Performance Guarantee

GoldStar CMS is powered by our award-winning NSpire telematics platform that supports over 1.9 million active GPS tracking devices with the highest level of service availability. NSpire is what enables us to offer the industry’s first 99.9% Performance Guarantee, ensuring 99.9% application uptime for our GoldStar CMS users.

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“My team is focused on delivering a quality GPS solution unlike any other out there, one that customers can depend on.”

- Dean, Provisioning Production Manager at Spireon

Live Status Updates

We’re also providing you with live status reports for our servers and applications, to let you know about scheduled maintenance and any issues as well as expected resolve times. We’ll additionally let you know of any issues surrounding third-party applications integrated with GoldStar that may impact performance.

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What Powers Our Pure Gold Performance?

What allows us to offer the industry’s first 99.9% uptime guarantee? In a word: Innovation. We’ve made significant investments into building our multi-award-winning NSpire M2M Business Intelligence Platform. Recognized by respected industry organizations as the leading M2M platform for automotive finance, NSpire delivers the superior reliability, service availability, scalability and security you need to stay continually connected to your vehicle collateral.

Combined with our proven, licensed and patented GPS vehicle tracking technology and our a leading expertise in the automotive finance industry, NSpire is revolutionizing the way dealerships manage their vehicle collateral, reduce their risks, increase their efficiencies and drive their profits.

See how M2M is revolutionizing the automotive finance industry:

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