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GPS vechicle tracking new "Variable Heartbeats” feature allow dealers to be more effective, efficient, and profitable.

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The New GoldStar CMS Is Built to Do More. And Its New “Variable Heartbeats” Feature Does More for You.

These days, when you hear about Big Data and the Internet of Things – where we have the tools at our fingertips to analyze virtually any amount of information we can gather – why would it make sense to limit the amount of information and thereby limit your ability to do more with more intelligence?

Answer? It doesn’t make sense. That’s why the new GoldStar CMS is equipped with a Variable Heartbeat feature. Why a variable heartbeat? Because up to now, automotive dealers have only been able to analyze location information on heartbeats with intervals of 25, 49, or 73 hours using GPS technology. But a lot can happen in 25 hours that isn’t being reported under these parameters.

That’s all changed. The new GoldStar CMS offers 6, 8, 12, and 25-hour heartbeats, generating more frequent locates and drawing a more accurate GPS location history. And it’s this increased accuracy that is allowing dealers to be more effective, efficient, and profitable. Here’s how:

  • Dealers can use more accurate and detailed information to verify references faster.
  • This also means they can close out STIPs faster so loans can be sold or processed quickly to drive their cash flow.
  • The improvement in data quality results in better insight for more efficient and economical recoveries, lowering the risk of loss.
  • Dealers get a better read on GPS device health with more checks and can prevent device breakdowns and improve performance.

And when you ask, where did this idea come from? – consider the source – dealers just like you who have been wanting this feature so that they can have the software do more of what it’s built for – providing actionable business intelligence – so that dealers can do more of what they’re built for – selling vehicles.

Now that your heart’s beating faster over this new feature, visit or call (866) 655-8825 for more information.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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