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GPS telematics can help dealers and lenders improve their loan performance

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New Experian Report Reveals Increase in Deep Subprime Used Car Financing

Having mined the landscape for subprime auto borrowers the last few years, dealers and lenders are now focused on a new target and potential revenue stream—deep subprime borrowers. In fact, according to a new Experian report, deep subprime financing for used vehicles is up 21.24 percent over the same quarter last year. 

If you’re confused as to what the difference is between subprime and deep subprime, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Put simply, the “subprime” category applies to buyers with credit scores in the 550-620 range, while “deep subprime” encompasses those with scores below 550.

While on one hand, it’s great that new borrowers are finding opportunities to secure financing for their vehicles, it also might be the beginning of a slippery slope for BHPH dealers if they’re not careful. If subprime lending is risky, then deep subprime lending is even more of a crapshoot.

In the automobile financing world, there’s nothing worse than a vehicle repossession. Not only are there costs associated with locating and securing a delinquent vehicle, but, in most cases, the vehicle borrower’s loan will have to be written off. With GoldStar GPS real-time telematics, much of the risk associated with subprime financing can be mitigated. Unlike other telematics solutions, GoldStar GPS offers world-class technology and features at an affordable price.

With it, dealers and lenders can quickly locate and recover assets, eliminate repossession costs, reduce loan defaults, approve more credit-challenged customers, offer better rate terms, and extend the life of loans.

GoldStar GPS customers have seen their loan performance improve by 10-25 percent on average. See for yourself.  Click here for a free demo today!

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