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Managing Your Lot Just Got A Lot Easier with GPS Tracking Technology – Part One

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Managing Your Lot Just Got A Lot Easier with GPS Tracking Technology – Part One

With a laundry list of different tasks on our minds, keeping track of all our belongings can be hard. Be honest, how many times have you lost your car keys or forgotten to turn off the coffee maker? Now imagine you’re a car dealer managing hundreds of cars in multiple lots in different locations. For some this may seem inefficient, but for others it’s just business.

Oftentimes, Buy-Here Pay-Here (BHPH) dealers use multiple lots to store and showcase their inventory. This does not present a problem until a customer, with a specific need or car in mind, asks the dealer what is in stock and the dealer is forced to put the sale on hold because he or she has to wait until the vehicle is located.  Before you know it, the customer’s patience runs thin and you lose the sale.

Unfortunately this is a reality for some BHPH dealers, but it doesn’t have be. With GPS tracking technology, dealers can quickly locate a vehicle for a customer and expediently close the deal before the customer has a second to think twice. After all you are in the business of selling cars, so why not invest in something that can help drive sales.

Spireon’s GoldStar GPS is a GPS vehicle tracking solution dedicated to helping auto dealers in the subprime automobile finance and Buy-Here Pay-Here (BHPH) markets. GoldStar GPS helps dealers track their assets, increase sales, and boost dealership efficiencies.

While the solution’s unique suite of tools and advanced GPS tracking capabilities are put to use to help dealers save money – by reducing skips and late payments, lowering repossession costs and decreasing delinquencies – the solution can also help dealers make money by helping them manage their lots more efficiently and locate vehicles faster. 

Stay tuned to part two in this series to discover how GoldStar GPS can help manage your lot more efficiently.

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