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Lower Insurance Premiums with GPS Vehicle Tracking

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Lower Insurance Premiums with GPS Vehicle Tracking

Every salesmen in the auto industry can relate with the concept of needing another incentive to throw at a potential consumer. Well, we are here to offer you one more, with the use of GPS vehicle tracking your client can lower their insurance rates! Car insurance; it’s a necessary but sometimes frustrating expense. Premiums must be paid each month and a wide variety of circumstances can cause rates to increase. Sometimes these circumstances are beyond the consumer’s control. If their car is stolen, insurance may cover the loss, but you can be sure their premiums will skyrocket. Wouldn’t it be nice if insurance companies would reward good behavior by decreasing premiums rather than reacting to claims with increases? Believe it or not, some insurance companies are willing to work with customers in this way and GPS vehicle tracking can take much of the credit.

Lower Insurance Premium with GPS

GPS vehicle tracking devices transmit a signal, which gives the location of the vehicle in which they are installed. Insurance companies use this information to monitor the habits of drivers and adjust their rates accordingly. As GPS technology becomes more widely used, more companies will be willing to work with individuals who have the devices installed in their vehicle. In addition to lowering rates on the front end, vehicle can also keep rates from increasing by enabling better and faster recovery of stolen vehicles. The fewer claims that the insurance company has to pay out, the lower the consumer’s rate will be.

While the initial investment in GPS vehicle tracking may seem steep for a dealership that owns multiple vehicles, still, the cost savings over time ensures that the technology will be well worth the investment. Some companies reported tens of thousands of dollars in savings over the course of a year due to these devices. We have all groaned over the increase in insurance when a teenager begins driving. Because teens are high risk, insurance companies jack the premiums through the roof. With GPS vehicle tracking, however, teens with good driving records can be rewarded with reduced insurance rates—and Mom and Dad may be more willing to hand over the keys on a Friday night.

Most people recognize the necessity of insurance. Those same people often wince at the high premiums coming out of their paychecks every month. GPS vehicle tracking devices may be able to lessen the pain by providing greater knowledge of the driving habits of each driver on the policy, thereby giving both insurance companies and consumers a reason to smile.

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Companies Currently Offering GPS Device Discounts:

AAA Insurance up to 18% ?AIG Insurance up to 15% ?Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL)?ALFA Insurance (AL) up to 10% ?Farmers Insurance up to 15% ?Fireman's Fund up to 5% ?Geico up to 10% ?Georgia Farm Bureau Ins. (GA) up to 15% ?Liberty Mutual up to 25% ?Mercury Insurance up to 30% ?Nationwide Insurance (CA) up to 10% ?Progressive Insurance up to 15% ?Safeco Insurance up to 10% ?USAA Insurance up to 33% ?21st Century Insurance up to 15%.

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