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Joe Gibbs Driven and Spireon — A Winning Team

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Joe Gibbs Driven and Spireon — A Winning Team

Steve Gertz- JGD Investors, Inc.VP of Business Development 

If there’s one thing the team at Joe Gibbs Driven (JGD) knows, it’s winning. Or more specifically, what it takes to win. With three NASCAR championships under our belt and a Super-Bowl winning coach at our helm, you could say JGD is driven to perform. So when it comes to forging partnerships that help grow our business, we look for the same driven qualities in the companies we align ourselves with. Companies like Spireon.

Our relationship with Spireon started two years ago on the race track, with our FleetLocate-sponsored race car leading the pack. So ours was a collaboration rooted in performance from the get-go. This partnership allowed Coach Gibbs the opportunity to see the powerful technology behind FleetLocate in action. Coach Gibbs also had the chance to work with Spireon’s top-performing team, in which he recognized the same traits he cultivates in his own winning team: a continual commitment to innovation, the right combination of tools, and a playbook complete with winning strategies.

It was only natural that Coach Gibbs would choose to become the official spokesperson for FleetLocate and Spireon. But more than a spokesperson, Coach Gibbs has also seen what Spireon does for the organizations that use Spireon’s products.

For this year’s race season, JGD has been using FleetLocate to track our haulers carrying our race and show cars around the country. With three different racing teams traveling to a different city every week for 36 consecutive weeks, keeping track of all our cars was a challenge to say the least. Using FleetLocate, we can now see exactly where all our haulers and cars are at any given time. In today’s ultra-competitive racing world, we need any edge we can get to improve our performance on and off the field. FleetLocate has absolutely equipped us with an advantage.

After seeing the power of Spireon’s technology first-hand, JGD also saw the incredible opportunity that our partnership presents. There’s no doubt in our minds that Spireon will change the way companies manage their mobile assets and workforce. On the field and on the track, Coach Gibbs will be the first to tell you that knowing everything you possibly can about your team — how they’re performing, where they’re positioned, what their strengths are, and whether they’re following your playbook — are absolutely critical to winning the game. The same goes for business.


Spireon is unlike any other company out there in the market today in that it delivers real-time actionable business intelligence using game-changing platforms that easily scale for growth, at an affordable rate. Spireon’s technology and products give businesses the information they need to be competitive in their marketplaces. It provides unprecedented insight into areas of operations and performance never seen before. It empowers companies to grow their businesses and strengthen their bottom lines.

JGD was initially drawn to Spireon because it shared the same goal we did: how to use technology to improve the performance of vehicles and drivers. But since the first days of our partnership, we’ve identified opportunities that extend well beyond fleet tracking. Spireon isn’t just winning the game; they’re changing it. And we want to be a part of that. And make Spireon part of our business development strategies.

In turn, Spireon benefits from our partnership as well. JGD has certainly helped the company get its name and technology out there, not only in the racing world but in the business world. Because when Coach Joe Gibbs talks, people listen.

The Joe Gibbs Racing family is confident that together, JGD and Spireon will lead the market in Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and business intelligence solutions, while driving customers to reach new heights in business. We’ve got the winning formula, and the winning team. Now we’re looking forward to see where this race takes us.

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