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Spireon’s GPS tracking telematics solutions are future-proofed.

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Is Your Telematics Device Ready for the 2G GSM Sunset?

AT&T have begun their 2G GSM network sunset throughout regions in the U.S.  to free more spectrum and offer faster data speeds. If you are a telematics user, you may already be experiencing degradation of service. Is this interrupting your business?

The good news is, Spireon users have nothing to worry about. Spireon’s GPS tracking telematics solutions are future-proofed, and the 2G GSM sunset won’t leave its customers in the dark. Spireon is dedicated to keeping its connected telematics solutions high-speed and up-to-date with the following innovations:
  • The right technology: Spireon’s telematics solutions are designed to take advantage of today’s faster data speeds and advanced wireless technologies. The company is the first and only provider in the automotive finance industry with comprehensive CDMA coverage from the nation’s leading CDMA carriers, which will provide higher-speed connections when they are needed.
  • Scalable M2M platform: Spireon’s NSpire M2M platform guarantees high data speeds and always-on service availability, even when faced with high data loads and peak demand. NSpire is designed to be flexible, meaning that as data demands and speeds increase, it can easily add capacity.
  • Scale and redundancy: The MRM provider’s systems are engineered to keep pace as technology changes and have redundancy built in, so you never have to go back to the drawing board and reengineer an entirely new system to keep up with new, faster data speeds.

Upgrade to Spireon’s CDMA technology today.  Sign up for a free demo.

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