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Is Your GPS Vehicle Tracking System Ready for Tax Season?

GPS Vehicle Tracking System - GoldStar CMSTax season is quickly approaching. And now’s the time to start getting ready for the rush of customers coming into your dealership. They’ll have their tax returns in hand. Many of them will also have credit challenges. So, make sure you have the GPS device inventory on hand to meet this spike in tax-season demand, and make sure you have a reliable partner to help you mitigate the risk that comes with subprime and deep subprime financing.

Come tax season, it will be important to have a reliable GPS telematics system in place for tracking and monitoring your vehicle collateral in real time. Just as important as the GPS telematics system is the provider who’s supplying it.

First and foremost, look for a GPS vehicle tracking system provider with a solution built on proven, road-tested hardware. With the large volume of cars you’re about to sell, you can’t afford to install GPS tracking devices that stop performing, that connect you to unreliable data, that drop connections, or that are too easy to tamper with or remove.

That won’t happen with Spireon’s GoldStar CMS. At the heart of GoldStar CMS is our 11th generation Talon, the industry’s best-performing GPS tracking device. With a virtually non-existent fail rate and an exceptionally low return rate, The Talon is engineered with a host of industry-leading innovations including a rugged, weatherized design that’s resistant to extremely cold temperatures and moisture. Its design is also tamper-resistant, with its sleek profile, small footprint, covert installation and OEM-like shell that makes it hard to identify as a GPS tracking device. And only The Talon is ultrasonically welded together and sealed, preventing would-be tamperers from prying it open to get to the SIM card inside.

Our Talon GPS device takes advantage of next-generation, CDMA M2M wireless technology, which offers more reliable connections even in rural areas, as well as more expansive nationwide coverage. Spireon designed The Talon GPS device to work seamlessly with NSpire, our award-winning intelligence platform that powers Spireon’s GoldStar CMS online web software and our 99.9% Performance Guarantee. This means you’ll stay connected to all that vehicle collateral leaving your lot, no matter where it’s driven. Other innovative performance features include The Talon’s resettable fuse, preventing blown fuses that can happen when your customers jumpstart their cars. Plus, it’s loaded with a host of enhancements designed to extend battery life and performance.

Last but not least, The Talon meets the highest federal and industry certifications. More importantly, our customers tested it and love it. In fact, our customers have purchased and installed over one million Talon units to date — more than any other GPS device on the market. What’s more, our warehouse is ready with inventory on-hand just for tax season and the capability to ship over 2,500 devices a day, more than enough to meet tax-season sales.

Which brings me to my next point: make sure your GPS vehicle tracking solutions provider can meet your tax-season demand for GPS tracking devices. With a proven distribution channel, we’ll ship your devices the same day you order them – and ensure that they’re all quality tested. Our world-class customer service team is available to assist you with orders and any requests, 24/7. We’ll make sure your Talon devices are at your dealership and installed in your vehicles, in plenty of time for tax season. So all you have to do is sell them.

To learn more about The Talon’s industry-leading performance, go here or call 1-866-655-8825.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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