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Introducing ~The Talon~ Our newest device yet!

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Introducing ~The Talon~ Our newest device yet!

David Meyer-Executive Vice President, Automotive Solutions

The talon is our fastest device to date. With a thin, near flat profile and improved wire case, covert placement has become even easier. It also comes with improved packaging that includes an enhanced inventory management feature AND has an Extended 3-year warranty!

With a long history of product innovation, GoldStar GPS and EnfoTrace GPS allow automotive dealers and finance lenders the ability to track their mobile assets and expand their loan portfolios to include a wider range of borrowers.  These GPS tracking solutions will also help dealers and lenders reduce risk, improve loan performance, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.

State of the art technology coincides with the latest products on the market; you simply can’t have one without the other. Being the number one supplier of GPS vehicle tracking in the Subprime Auto industry we’ve learned that in order to maintain this status quo we have to deliver results. With that, I am exited to introduce our newest device! Straight from a line of 10 generations of GPS vehicle tracking innovation our product developers have been working endlessly to design a sleeker and smaller device and have since created the Talon.

Key features include:

  •  Real-time, on-demand vehicle tracking and location
  • Powerful business intelligence reports
  • Simple-to-use web interface accessible 24 hours a day
  • Robust geo-fence options
  • Interactive mapping and data visualization features
  • Group command features to save time
  • Sophisticated alert features to help you act and react
  • Feature and content scoping by user
  • Highest security data infrastructure
  • And more…

 These solution features equip dealers and lenders with the business intelligence they need to quickly and effectively track their assets, reduce delinquencies, improve collections, and recover vehicles, allowing them to appeal to a broader customer base. 

The new Talon product enhances these powerful features with a number of customer and technology- driven refinements. Some of these new innovative features include:

  • Thin, near-flat profile, improved wiring case with a sleek ribbon cable allows for more flexible and covert placement in the vehicle, deterring tampering and removal
  • Rugged, automotive-grade engineering and design
  • Sealed, integrated cable to ensure water resistance
  • New and improved antenna design
  • Industry’s first enhanced integrated surge protection for device safeguarding
  • Increased geo-fence capability

As a Buy Here Pay Here dealer, you need a car tracking system that can ensure you make money even from the riskiest BHPH customers. By installing our GPS vehicle tracking in every car you lease or sell, dealers enjoy more on-time payments and therefore increased cash flow, fewer repossessions and greater profits. The Talon also includes increased Geo-Fence capability so that you know where your collateral is within a certain area 24/7. 

The Talon is a reflection of Spireon’s ongoing pursuit of product innovation, its position as the world’s largest GPS Tracking provider, and the focus to meet our customers’ ever-evolving needs and challenges. This solution, loaded with new and improved features, equips dealers and lenders with an edge to compete more effectively in today’s still troubled economy, while making it possible for more people struggling with credit issues to finance vehicles and regain their financial footing. Top of the line customer service, an enhanced feature set along with the industry’s first integrated surge protection on the device for safe-guarding is what lets up keep our number one position in asset protection for BHPH dealers.

To learn more about the Talon visit our Feature Site or call 1.866.655.8825.

You’re just one click away from round the clock collateral protection!

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