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I Am GoldStar” means you have everyone’s ear at Spireon when you’re speaking with our customer service people.

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I Am GoldStar” means you have everyone’s ear at Spireon when you’re speaking with our customer service people.

I Am GoldStar

Today, the expectation levels customers have when it comes to service have never been higher. You can take any business category and see customers making buying decisions based on how they are treated – and not necessarily on whether the product is the absolute best in its class.

Businesses are learning that service is a feature – and benefit – that most customers want more than any actual product feature or benefit. One only needs to look at all of the popular websites that provide customer reviews – Angie’s List, Yelp, Consumer Reports, Zagat, TripAdvisor, and many more – and the one thing that will kill more stars is when a business’s customer service fails.

Here at Spireon, our service-focused strategy is represented by the anthem: “I Am GoldStar.” What it stands for is something truly special. It requires companywide engagement at all levels to deliver a noticeably unique customer service experience that develops relationships with our customers. It starts with our people taking a passionate interest in your business. That way you receive service that is personalized, knowledgeable, and meaningful.

However, many companies today, especially in the telematics industry, take a different service route. They contract out – or outsource their customer support. And there’s only one reason why – so they can save money. Spireon knows better, because: You aren’t’ saving money when customers cancel from being frustrated with poor customer service.

And that’s why “I Am GoldStar” is important to your satisfaction with your Spireon relationship. It’s everything an outsourced service model is not:

  • I Am GoldStar means you will be speaking with a Spireon-trained and Spireon-employed service representative who knows your business and is invested in your success. They’re fully versed in the world of GPS and dealerships and are nerve centers of our relationships with customers.
  • I Am GoldStar means you will be able to reach representatives located in our corporate offices, which gives them easy and immediate access to all of the Spireon people and departments that are responsible for creating the GoldStar CMS GPS tracking experience. It also means important customer issues can be escalated with the right people in a timely and efficient manner.
  • I Am GoldStar means our service representatives will take as long as is necessary to resolve any issue to the full satisfaction of the customer. This is in complete opposite to the business model of outsourced customer support where those call centers are rewarded for shorter call times. 
  • I Am GoldStar means convenient and personal customer service – with choices as to how our customers want to interact. A GoldStar customer can expect our service people to be available anytime they need them – and the interaction can take place across multiple channels (phone, email, chat, and even in-person at your site).
  • I Am GoldStar means consistency. Spireon has an intensive training program for all customer-facing representatives. And the single most important quality that is carried through in all of our training is the Spireon culture and the values that each of us live every day. The value of customer-focused relationships will come across in every Spireon customer service interaction. In outsourced call centers, however, you’ll most likely encounter a cultural gap that frustrates customers and goes unnoticed in companies. Not here.

Now it’s easy for you to see how “I Am GoldStar” means everyone at Spireon is working to make service much more than a mechanism for customer support – it’s a defined and controlled process to make customer care the foundation for building trusted relationships with our customers.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.

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