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I Am GoldStar means Spireon customers can declare: I Am Delighted.

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I Am GoldStar means Spireon customers can declare: I Am Delighted.

I Am GoldStar

How can one GPS provider be really different than another GPS provider? After all, GPS is GPS, right?

Let’s answer the second question first: the technology of GPS could be considered very similar…GPS is a satellite-based navigation system that provides global location and time information. So in a sense, “GPS” is GPS for the most part. We’ll discuss the difference that quality and innovation can make when it comes to GPS technology and solutions at a later date.

Now, back to the first question: with Spireon’s GoldStar CMS GPS vehicle tracking system for auto dealerships and lenders, there is a difference, and it’s in our people – specifically the GoldStar CMS people on the front lines of all of our customer touch points. Their combined knowledge, experience, training, and deep commitment to every customer’s success creates positive customer experiences. The accumulation of these positive experiences builds each customer’s unique relationship with Spireon, and the customer relationship is the difference.

Essentially, a unique set of relationship-building processes are in place at Spireon, where “I Am GoldStar” relies on the entire company’s participation in unique service attributes, delivered every day to GoldStar customers:

1. Serving the Mobile Customer
Mobile devices have become the customer’s primary way to resolve issues and communicate with companies. They’ve defaulted to what’s easiest and fastest. A Nuance survey said 72% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of companies that provide mobile customer service apps1.
Spireon is serving the mobile customer by providing them with mobile access to critical data. GoldStar CMS software operates on all mobile platforms and includes an important time-saving app that streamlines parts of the installation process.

2. Engaging with and Listening to the Multi-Channel Social Customer
Today’s customer wants to engage with a company using a variety of real-time communication channels. When a company offers its customers these channels, it’s a win-win. Chats, texting, and emails are all personalized communication tools available to customers in addition to their phone.
Spireon has actively invested in social media customer service initiatives that provide customers with multiple channels for asking questions, getting answers, and most importantly – resolving issues. There are video product tours and tutorials, websites and a YouTube™ channel; as well as insightful blogs, white papers, and articles written by Spireon’s subject matter experts.

3. Helping Customers Become Predictive – Not Reactive
Big data can have a big impact on customer service. Companies understand the value of gathering and analyzing information about their customers in real-time — their location, preferences, past services and transactions, and communications. Leveraging this data, we provide a personalized, predictive, and proactive customer experience – for example, suggesting a process-improving product or service the customer may need and not even know it.

Our own customer service approach makes a point to leverage big data. “By learning and analyzing everything we can about a customer’s industry and environment, we serve as their guide,” says Spireon’s CEO, Marc Brungger. “We’re there before our customers know they need us, always looking ahead and providing proactive service. Our customers come to rely on us as the experts, ready to lead them to business performance improvements.”

Spireon enables companies to provide more proactive service to their customers as well. The automated alert feature in GoldStar CMS can remind a customer that their payment is past due via a warning signal located in the vehicle. Changing a borrower's behavior can help them rebuild their credit rating (and make the dealer more than a car salesman).

But Brungger warns companies to respect and protect customer privacy, a policy Spireon practices. “Customers want to know what you do with their data, where you’re storing it, if it’s secure,” he says. “You must have transparency and good judgment to earn your customers’ trust and build credibility.”

4. Rewarding Customers with the Tried-and-True Best Practices
While implementing the newest and most innovative customer-friendly service solutions is exciting, there are still a handful of must-have’s that are the foundation to building successful customer relationships:

  • Giving the Customer What They Want: First and foremost, GoldStar CMS must be a great customer experience. From the advanced technology platform, safe and secure data protocols, and easy-to-use software with exceptional performance, to an actual performance guarantee, a GoldStar CMS customer is equipped with a vehicle tracking standout. Add an intuitive user interface that presents information in a relevant and meaningful way, and the user is off and running, making intelligent, quick, and profitable decisions for their business.
  • First Contact Resolution: Our customers’ time is valuable, so we make first contact resolution a priority with every interaction. Spireon customer service agents are trained to ask discovery questions, get to the root of the customer’s issue, and make sure the customer is provided with a full range of options for resolving the issue. There will be times when a customer’s problems are not resolved right away or on the first attempt. Brungger calls this a company’s moment of truth, and it doesn’t have to mean the end of the customer relationship. “Be honest and upfront with the customer. Take responsibility, then make it right. Your customer will appreciate your candor and the effort to win back their trust and their business.”
  • Evolve with Our Customers: Customer service requires ongoing vigilance and agility. Our approach to serving our customers must evolve just as their needs and demands do. A key part of this is actively measuring and engaging our customers in the feedback loop.

Fred Reichheld’s groundbreaking books, The Ultimate Question and The Ultimate Question 2.0, showed us we can measure how many of our customers are “Promoters” –loyal customers who love their experience with us. This is measured as a “Net Promoter Score” (NPS). The global appeal of the NPS is that everyone can understand the ultimate core question:

"How likely is it that you would recommend this company, product, or service to a friend?”

Responses are categorized as Promoters (positive feedback), Detractors (negative feedback) or Passive (neutral feedback). The NPS methodology identifies what changes could convert Detractors or Passives into Promoters. Companies want more Promoters for obvious reasons: studies have shown a strong correlation between high NPS scores and a company’s performance, value, and customer relationships.

We pay close attention to our NPS, which are among the industry ’s highest. “Happy customers stay with you, buy more services, and promote your brand,” Brungger says. “You want happy customers. To keep them happy, keep evolving to make sure you’re meeting their needs.”

So when a Spireon service representative starts a conversation with, “I Am GoldStar. How can I help you,” you know that conversation will most likely end with “I am delighted” on the other end, thanks to the commitment from everyone at Spireon to building the best customer relationships in the industry.

Neil Fisher
Vice President of Field Sales, ASG
Spireon, Inc.


1. “Nuance Survey Taps Smartphone Users for Insight on their Mobile App Usage Patterns,” Nuance, January 31, 2012,

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